Akamai Reports Massive Surge in DDoS Attacks

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Akamai Technologies recently released its Fourth Quarter 2012 State of the Internet Report, which states that Akamai customers reported 768 DDoS attacks in 2012, up more than 200 percent from the 250 attacks reported in 2011 (h/t Softpedia).

"In many ways, DDoS has become the weapon of choice for multiple types of attackers, from political activists to criminals, and potentially even nation states," the report states.

Of the 768 DDoS attacks reported in 2012, 35 percent targeted companies in the commerce center, 22 percent focused on media and entertainment companies, 20 percent targeted enterprise companies (including financial services), 14 percent targeted high tech companies, and 9 percent were aimed at public sector agencies.

The 768 attacks were reported by 413 unique organizations, indicating that many organizations were targeted more than once -- and some were targeted many times.

The company saw attack traffic from 177 countries/regions in the fourth quarter of 2012, down from 180 countries/regions in the third quarter of 2012. China was the largest volume source of traffic at 41 percent of the total in the fourth quarter, up from 33 percent in the third quarter.