43 Percent of IT Pros Say It's Difficult to Secure Data in the Cloud


According to the results of a recent Lieberman Software survey of 140 attendees at Microsoft Ignite 2016, 43 percent of respondents said they find it difficult to secure data in the cloud, and 73 percent prefer to keep their sensitive corporate data on premises rather than in the cloud.

Fully 90 percent of respondents said the cloud is forcing them to learn new job skills, and 33 percent think it will bring about the end of the traditional IT security team.

"The cloud is ideal for businesses that need a cost effective, scalable and flexible means to transform their IT environments," Lieberman Software president and CEO Philip Lieberman said in a statement. "Yet IT professionals are still reluctant to put sensitive data in the cloud because they say it is difficult to secure."

"What organizations need to understand is that the same security problems they face on premises follow them into the cloud," Lieberman added. "Migrating to the cloud doesn't mean they face any more or less security risk than keeping data on premises."

A separate Ping Identity survey of 200 IT decision makers in the U.S., U.K., France and Germany found that fewer than 10 percent have fully migrated to the cloud, though 86 percent said cloud adoption is important to their company's success in digital transformation.

Fully 82 percent of respondents said security has become more challenging as they have moved to the cloud, and 67 percent said they've purchased more security tools as they've implemented cloud solutions.

Compared to two years ago, 19 percent of respondents said security is a lot more complex, and 59 percent said it's a little more complex. Over the same time period, 36 percent said their security budget has doubled in size, 24 percent said it's five times as large, and 9 percent said it's 10 times or more larger.

Eighty-two percent of respondents said they've had to dedicate more staff and/or resources to security over the past two years.

Separately, a recent survey of professionals responsible for managing cloud security-related issues found that while 87 percent of respondents are worried about cloud data protection, just 37 percent encrypt data persistently while in use in the cloud.

The survey, conducted by Osterman Research and sponsored by CipherCloud, also found that while 35 percent of respondents are uncomfortable with cloud providers being able to decrypt corporate data, 75 percent rely on keys managed by or shared with cloud providers or third parties.

"As cloud adoption continues to grow, so does the amount of sensitive and regulated data going into the cloud," Osterman Research president Michael Osterman said in a statement. "This survey uncovers significant data protection gaps and misconceptions around encryption usage that are putting that sensitive data at risk."

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