Trend Micro Names BlackBerry 7 Most Enterprise-Ready Mobile OS

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According to a new Trend Micro report entitled Enterprise Readiness of Consumer Mobile Platforms [PDF file], BlackBerry 7 beats Apple's iOS, Windows Phone and Google Android in its readiness for deployment in the enterprise.

"Trend named the OS the best for corporates after researchers from Altimeter Group, Bloor Research and Trend Micro found that the corporate-grade security and manageability of the platform makes it the ultimate mobile solution for businesses," writes Fudzilla's Nick Farell. "The BlackBerry 7 platform’s superior security was a key driver, with it scoring highly in the fields of application security, authentication, device wipe, device firewall and virtualisation as well, Trend said."

"Blackberry 7 scored the highest rank with a 2.89 score that included scoring for built-in security, application security, authentication, device wipe, device firewall and virtualization," writes The Inquisitr's James Johnson. "In comparison Apple iOS 5 scored a 1.7, Windows Phone 7.5 came up with a 1.61 score and Google Android 2.3 offered a final score of just 1.37 which doesn’t come as a surprise give that mobile operating systems fragmented nature."

"iOS lost points because third-party tools are required to fully secure and manage iPhones," writes Geek.com's Lee Mathews. "Trend dinged Android for lax software ecosystem controls and the lingering problem of OS update delays, and it ultimately ranked fourth on the list. Windows Phone placed third, though its relative nascence and the lack of a proven track record in enterprise settings was underscored in the report."

"Against the growing, unstoppable backdrop of consumerization and BYOD, every mobile device is a risk to business," Trend Micro CTO Raimund Genes said in a statement. "What is interesting in these results is that, whilst some mobile platforms have evolved very noticeably along enterprise lines, there is still a strong 'consumer marketing' legacy in some quarters and this is negating some of the progress made on the enterprise front. Indeed, some of the attributes we have examined in the report are still firmly 'enterprise-unready.'"