GFI Warns of Fake Angry Birds Star Wars App

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GFI Labs researchers recently came across a malicious version of the Android game Angry Birds Star Wars.

"Almost every popular mobile app has a mischevious doppelganger," notes TechNewsDaily's Ben Weitzenkorn. "Criminals use identical-looking malicious apps to obtain identifiable information, to commit fraud and wreak havoc on users' devices. This mobile Trojan robs Android users by clandestinely sending text messages to a premium service, GFI Labs discovered. Victims may not discover they've been hit until an exorbitant phone bill arrives."

"This one acts like a typical Boxer Android file, sending premium SMS messages before downloading a valid version of the software," writes GFI Labs' Chris Boyd. "All in all, a rather costly mistake given you could pay the one time fee for the legitimate Google Play download and whip yourself into a (non-scammed) frenzy of Birds being Angry instead. VirusTotal results can be found here, and we detect this as Trojan.AndroidOS.Generic.A with VIPRE Mobile."

"Boxer is a threat that has been around for quite some time," notes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "It’s highly popular among cybercriminals because it helps them make a considerable profit by sending SMSs from the compromised smartphone to premium rate numbers."

"As Boyd suggests, one of the easier ways to avoid installing malicious apps or those that take unwanted actions on your device is to only download apps from the official app store for your device," writes Threatpost's Dennis Fisher. "For Android users, this means sticking to the Google Play market."

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