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  • t-mobile hack proof

    T-Mobile Confirms Data Breach, 47.8 Million Records Exposed

    Update: T-Mobile USA officials have confirmed that the records of 47.8 million current, former and prospective customers were stolen in a “highly sophisticated cyberattack” late last week. That number is half what hackers had claimed, but still substantial, and in some case the records contained personally identifiable information (PII) like social security numbers, birth dates […]

  • Morse code phishing

    Phishing Campaign Used Morse Code to Evade Detection: Microsoft

    A phishing campaign that Microsoft security researchers have been tracking for about a year highlights not only the ongoing success of social engineering efforts by hackers to compromise systems, but also the extent to which the bad actors will go to cover their tracks while stealing user credentials. In a blog post, researchers with the […]

  • backup ransomware recovery

    Accenture Attack Highlights Evolving Ransomware Threats

    Accenture officials are saying they staved off a ransomware attack this week by a cybercriminal ring using the LockBit malware even as the hacker group claimed to have captured data from the massive global IT and business consulting firm and has threatened to release it. A CNBC reporter on Aug. 11 sent out a series […]

  • IoT security

    Attackers Exploit Flaw that Could Impact Millions of Routers, IoT Devices

    Cybercriminals using an IP address in China are trying to exploit a vulnerability disclosed earlier this month to deploy a variant of the Mirai malware on network routers affected by the vulnerability, according to researchers with Juniper Threat Labs. In a recent blog post, the researchers said the bad actors are looking to leverage a […]

  • IoT security

    Malvertising Campaign Targets IoT Devices: GeoEdge

    A malicious advertising campaign originating out of Eastern Europe and operating since at least mid-June is targeting Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to home networks, according to executives with GeoEdge, which offers ad security and quality solutions to online and mobile advertisers. The executives said the “malvertising” campaign – which was uncovered by GeoEdge’s […]

  • kubernetes security

    NSA, CISA Report Outlines Risks, Mitigations for Kubernetes

    Two of the largest government security agencies are laying out the key cyberthreats to Kubernetes, the popular platform for orchestrating and managing containers, and ways to harden the open-source tool against attacks. In a 52-page report released this week, the National Security Agency (NSA) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) noted the advantages to […]

  • Python vulnerability

    Supply Chain Flaws Found in Python Package Repository

    Administrators overseeing the Python Package Index (PyPI) in recent days found themselves responding to vulnerabilities found in the repository of open source software, the latest security problems to hit the Python community. Most recently, the PyPI group sent out fixes for three vulnerabilities that were discovered by security researcher RyotaK and published on his blog. […]

  • LemonDuck code

    LemonDuck Shows Malware Can Evolve, Putting Linux and Microsoft at Risk

    The LemonDuck malware that for the past couple of years has been known for its cryptocurrency mining and botnet capabilities is evolving into a much broader threat, moving into new areas of cyber attacks, targeting both Linux and Microsoft systems and expanding its geographical reach, according to security researchers with Microsoft. At the same time, […]

  • linux security

    Holes in Linux Kernel Could Pose Problems for Red Hat, Ubuntu, Other Distros

    A pair of vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel disclosed this week expose major Linux operating systems that could let a hacker either gain root privileges on a compromised host or shut down the entire OS altogether. The two flaws – CVE-2021-33909 and CVE-2021-33910, respectively – were disclosed by vulnerability management vendor Qualys in a pair […]

  • microsoft security

    Microsoft Security Under Scrutiny After Recent Incidents

    Microsoft is struggling through a rough July for security issues even as the company continues to add more cybersecurity capabilities through acquisitions. The software giant earlier this month issued an emergency update in Windows after researchers at cybersecurity vendor Sangfor published a blog about a security flaw dubbed “PrintNightmare.” Sangfor had published the exploit code, […]

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