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  • IoT security

    IoT Devices a Huge Risk to Enterprises

    When millions of people around the world were sent home to work at the onset of the global COVD-19 pandemic, they left behind not only empty offices but also a host of Internet of Things (IoT) devices – from smartwatches to networked printers – that were still connected to corporate networks and cranking away. According […]

  • spyware

    Apple Security Under Scrutiny Amid Fallout from NSO Spyware Scandal

    Reports that the NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware was used by governments to spy on Apple iPhones used by journalists, activists, government officials and business executives is becoming a global controversy for NSO, Apple and a number of governments at the center of the scandal. Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories – a Paris-based nonprofit media group that […]

  • VM security

    Ransomware Groups are Targeting VMs

    Virtual machines are becoming an increasingly popular avenue cybercriminals are taking to distribute their ransomware payloads onto compromised corporate networks. Bad actors have been exploiting VMs in recent years as a way of running under the radar, making it more difficult to detect their malware while it encrypts the data they intend to hold for […]

  • ransomware

    Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) Is the Latest Evolution in Ransomware Threats

    At first glance, the report this week from cybersecurity software vendor McAfee showing that the incidence of ransomware dropped by half in the first quarter seems like good news to a world that continues to feel the repercussions of the seemingly ubiquitous malware. However, the 50 percent decline in ransomware during the first three months […]

  • cloud security

    Homomorphic Encryption Makes Real-World Gains, Pushed by Google, IBM, Microsoft

    The increasing mobility of data, as it ping-pongs between clouds, data centers and the edge, has made it an easier target of cybercrime groups, which has put a premium on the encryption of that data in recent years. Cybersecurity vendors have stepped up, developing strong and efficient ways to encrypt data both while it’s at […]

  • cybersecurity

    White House to Corporate America: Take Ransomware Threat Seriously

    The National Security Council is sending a memo to U.S. companies urging them to take the ransomware threat more seriously as the Biden Administration ramps up its responses following recent attacks linked to Russia-based hacker groups on two major corporations. In the open letter dated June 3, Anne Neuberger, the NSC’s cybersecurity adviser, said that […]

  • ransomware

    Cyber Insurers Pull Back Amid Increase in Cyber Attacks, Costs

    The explosion of ransomware and similar cyber incidents along with rising associated costs is convincing a growing number of insurance companies to raise the premiums on their cyber insurance policies or reduce coverage, moves that could further squeeze organizations under siege from hackers. A report this month from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that […]

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