Plurilock's AI Authentication Tech Enlists in the Army

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Add keeping a watchful eye on U.S. Army identities to growing list of cybersecurity protections provided by artificial intelligence.

BioTracker, authentication security software from Plurilock Security Solutions, has been chosen by the military branch's Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) to provide continual, real-time identity validation services that supplement its Common Access Card (CAC) systems. The deal follows a recent contract with the U.S. Department of Defense's Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) to evaluate whether the software can one day replace CACs.

Using AI, BioTracker can distinguish between authorized users and intruders by analyzing the way they use their PCs.

"BioTracker uses machine learning and AI to train algorithms on a steady stream of highly constrained data. By processing a real-time data feed, we use statistical methods such as Bayesian networks and B-Tree’s to detect anomalies," explained Plurilock CEO Ian Paterson. "These anomalies will signify whether there is a possibility of an intruder or non-authorized user."

Plurilock has devised a novel method of verifying users are who they claim to be after they log-in.

"The patented AI algorithms take just 20 minutes to learn a user's keystroke style and speed, mouse use and other behaviors to build a biometric profile. It can then continuously validate that the current user is the authorized user, rather than merely validating at initial log-in," Paterson added.

With BioTracker, insider threats and unauthorized users are quickly unmasked, a critical capability in IT environments that hold highly sensitive data.

"BioTracker's patented AI and behavioral biometrics technology is the only one of its kind that identifies authorized individuals based on their unique usage patterns on laptops, desktops and servers," said Paterson. "The patented algorithms give corporations and government agencies complete visibility to know who, where and when users are on the entire network at all times, and the ability to detect intruders in a matter of seconds."

Although a growing number of technology startups using AI to reveal network threats and detect cyberattacks, the Canadian company's approach to security is singular.

"Plurilock is the only company that works with this rich, real-time keyboard, mouse, and iPad data stream. We understand and are able to usefully manage the real-time post login environment," said Paterson. "We act as a perpetual corporate sentinel, ensuring the right people are on the right devices, no matter where they are."