Security Trends 

[VIDEO] Dr. Larry Ponemon on How Security Survey Research Is Done

Head of the Ponemon Institute details the process and the challenges of conducting modern security surveys.

Cloud Requires Comprehensive Security: Report

Alert Logic's annual State of Cloud Security report shows a larger variety of attacks in the cloud, demonstrating the need for more comprehensive approaches to cloud security.

ATMs on Windows XP: How Risky Is It?

Microsoft has ended official support for Windows XP. What does that mean for the security of the world's ATMs, most of which run XP?

Does Your Organization Need a Chief Trust Officer? [VIDEO]

6 Steps for Fighting SQL Injection

Database usage is on the rise, as well as the applications that interconnect databases, meaning that SQL injection should still be a top concern for IT security pros.

VIDEO: Is Cognitive Injection the Key to Real Security?

Andy Ellis, chief security officer at Akamai, thinks that taking a positive approach to security tasks will result in better security outcomes.

Inside the U.S Department of Homeland Security's Network

Head of National Cybersecurity Protection System explains where DHS is making investments to defend the U.S federal government's network.

Chinese Government Hacking, One Year Later

What has changed in the year since Kevin Mandia first exposed hacking by the Chinese Army?

RSA: Privacy, Secrecy Are Not Synonymous

Privacy officers from Google, Microsoft and Intel Secret discuss privacy in the modern world at this week's RSA conference.

RSA: Enterprise Security's Sucker Punch

Addressing RSA attendees, IDC analysts detail outlook for the current and future IT security landscape.

Is Virtualization Hypervisor a 'Goldilocks Zone' for Security?

VMware aims to position the hypervisor as the 'just right' place to do security.

Data Breach Roundup: January 2014

Many data breaches that occurred in January highlight the importance of user education. Knowledgeable users are less likely to engage in behavior that poses security risks.

Can Hacker Techniques Defend Financial Security?

At the upcoming RSA Security conference, researchers from Trustwave will detail how financial institutions can use lessons learned from hacker techniques to boost security.

'Air Gap' Attack Is Real Threat

Can sound (not RF or radio waves, but sound) be used to infiltrate and control a PC in a so-called air gap attack?

Target Breach Involved Two-Stage Cyber-Attack: Security Researchers

Security firms have posted details of the malware used in the Target breach and how the attackers communicated the data outside the company.

Infosec Salaries Among Highest in IT

While two reports find that infosec pay is among the best in IT, infosec pros also face some of the greatest on-the-job challenges.

PCI Compliance Lacking Among Small Businesses

New report shows less than stellar adoption rates for compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard among SMBs. What's going on?

Report: Web Is Largest Source of Malware

Most malware infections come from the Web, making it more dangerous than social media or email, according to a Trustwave study.

Should All Sites Use HTTPS by Default?

While few e-commerce sites fail to protect sensitive data with the HTTPS protocol, many sites continue to use the less secure HTTP for some functions.

Virtual Appliances Boost Network Security

Unified security appliances help enterprises manage multiple security services, but keeping such devices up to date while incorporating scale is a challenge. Can virtualization help?

7 Security Trends to Expect in 2014

From increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks to stuxnets to insider threats, companies have plenty to worry about when it comes to enterprise security in 2014.

Security Big Part of Data Center Modernization Plans

As enterprises look to modernize their data centers, security tops the list of anticipated benefits, finds a new study from Palmer Research and QuinStreet Enterprise. At the same time, it presents some key challenges.

Linux Foundation Aims to Secure Internet of Things

The key to securing the Internet of Things could be in making sure that everything isn't actually connected to the Internet.

Is Docker the Future of Virtualization Security?

Video: Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, explains how Linux container technology presents a very different model for virtual security.

Can Biometrics Make a Comeback?

Biometrics promised to bring security to everything from transactions to systems usage. Yet biometrics never saw broad adoption. Can biometrics finally go mainstream?