Security Trends 

4 Trends Drive FireEye Security Revenue Growth

Growing cybersecurity risk and complexity mean more business opportunity, says FireEye CEO.

Startup Spotlight: Vectra Networks' Threat Detection

Automated intrusion detection that can detect APTs in real time is Vectra Networks' focus.

PatternEx Debuts Virtual Analyst Platform for Security [PODCAST]

Uday Veeramachaneni, co-founder and CEO of PatternEx, discusses how his security startup aims to solve a security staffing challenge.

What Are Your Container Security Options?

As with any nascent technology, container security is a concern. Three initiatives can help organizations boost container security.

FinalCode 5 Takes Aim at File Encryption Challenge [PODCAST]

Scott Gordon, chief operating officer of Final Code, discusses the challenges of file encryption and what his company's new technology is all about.

Webcam Hack Shows IoT Security Threat

Researchers hacked a $30 webcam to establish a persistent point of access into a network, giving security pros another concern about the IoT.

Startup Spotlight: Vidder's Application Security

Vidder offers a multi-pronged approach to application security based on a solution its founder created for the Department of Defense.

6 Mobile Security Predictions for 2016

Big changes for mobile security are ahead in 2016, predict mobile security experts.

10 Cloud Security Predictions for 2016

Cloud security is top of mind for IT professionals in 2016, as organizations migrate more applications to the cloud.

6 Cybersecurity Insights from SC Congress

Cyber insurance and new approaches to security patches were among topics on the agenda at the recent SC Congress.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) = Security [VIDEO]

Software defined networking enhances security by creating micro-segmented networks that can provide isolation and limit the impact of data breaches.

UMass Masters Cyber Security Education

As threats mount, so too does the need for improved cyber security education.

Startup Spotlight: Bluebox Security's Mobile App Security

Bluebox Security's platform boosts mobile app security without making extra work for developers.

3 Facts about Sandbox-based Gateway Appliances

While sandbox-based gateway appliances provide generally good protection against malware, bad guys are finding new ways to circumvent them.

The Health Care Data Hacking Problem

Health care data hacking is lucrative for criminals and often tough to detect, which is making it a tough problem to solve.

Is Jailbreaking Apple Devices Always a No-No?

Apple and enterprise IT teams discourage jailbreaking Apple devices – and with good reason. But is jailbreaking always a bad thing?

All about Authentication, Apps for Nymi

Canadian startup Nymi is building a developer ecosystem for its biometric authentication technology.

Niara Goes with Flow for Security Analytics

Security analytics must go beyond server logs to the network packet level, says  Niara CEO.

FireEye CEO Sees New Phase of Cyber Threat Cycle

Detente in China's relationship with U.S. could slow security spending, but the long-term trend is still strong.

Secure IoT from Outset, Experts Say

With use of connected devices on rise, enterprises must address IoT security issues from top down, experts say.

Startup Spotlight: SentinelOne's Endpoint Security

The endpoint is the 'scene of the crime' in enterprise security, so startup SentinelOne targets endpoint security holes left by traditional AV solutions.

How VMI Can Improve Cloud Security

Virtual machine introspection (VMI) offers centralized VM management and other benefits that make it a strong option for cloud security.

Privacy by Design Does Not Sacrifice Security

Big Data needs big privacy, says privacy expert at SecTor Security conference.

CryptoLocker Spawns Endless, Awful Variants

CryptoLocker is the granddaddy of ransomware, and thieves are developing new and more dangerous variants of it.

Using Hadoop to Reduce Security Risks

Using Hadoop and advanced analytics is one option for detecting and deflecting cyber attacks.