Security Trends 

Startup Spotlight: Demisto's Security Chat-ops Platform

Four McAfee veterans create a security operations platform that combines automation, collaboration and a clever bot.

Making a Case for Security Analytics

Security analytics can help companies get more proactive about their security efforts.

Industry with Worst Web App Security May Surprise You

IT fares the worst of 12 industries in several key application security metrics, finds a WhiteHat Security report. How can IT – and other industries – improve?

How Bad Is Burr-Feinstein Anti-Encryption Legislation?

Proposed anti-encryption legislation known as "Burr-Feinstein," filed in the wake of Apple's legal showdown with the FBI, had broad business ramifications.

LightCyber Shines a Light on Real Threats [VIDEO]

Gonen Fink, CEO of LightCyber, explains how his firm's technology helps solve  a key missing piece of the security alert mystery.

Where Should Security Keys be Kept in the Cloud?

VIDEO: Andy Ellis, chief security officer at Akamai, discusses his views on cloud security key management and provides a preview of an upcoming Internet security report.

Ransomware and the Internet of Things: A Growing Threat

IoT's integration into the world of business, along with the evolution of ransomware, creates the perfect storm for a cybersecurity arms race.

IoT Security Begins with Risk Assessment

Weigh benefits of IoT devices against potential security risks to determine on a device-by-device basis if the technology should be used, experts advise.

Pwnie Express CEO Riding Ahead Into the Enterprise [VIDEO]

Paul Paget, CEO of Pwnie Express, discusses how his company is evolving to meet the next generation of threats and what is driving the business forward.

Lack of Monitoring Weakens Database Security

Nearly 40 percent of companies cannot monitor databases in real time, a survey finds. This poses a threat to database security, says the survey's sponsor.

Startup Spotlight: TrustPipe's Endpoint Security Modeled on DNA Markers

Startup founded by nCircle veterans uses approach modeled on DNA markers to identify and shut down cyber attacks.

How Is EMV Transition Going?

U.S. retailers are in no hurry to transition to EMV, surveys find. What is holding them back?

5 Ways Malware Can Creep into Your System

To combat malware, vectors must be secured. Start with these five malware vectors that are highly popular with hackers.

Threat Stack Goes Slack For Chat Ops Security

PODCAST: Threat intelligence is great, but will getting actionable alerts over Slack improve enterprise security?

HP Labs in the Post-HP Split Era [VIDEO]

Sue Barsamian, senior vice president and general manager of Enterprise Security Products at HPE, discusses HP Labs' role in enterprise security.

Malvertising Gets Nastier with Fingerprint Technique

Malvertising attacks get more targeted, tougher to detect with fingerprinting.

Where Is Identity Management Heading?

Does Mozilla's decision to shut down its Persona identity management system tell us anything about the future of identity management?

Organizations Lack Visibility into Application Security

Ponemon Institute study sponsored by IBM reveals application security shortcomings.

Startup Spotlight: Deep Instinct's AI-Driven Threat Detection

Startup uses artificial intelligence to fight APTs, zero day attacks and other advanced threats.

IDC: Specialized Threat Analysis Is Hot

Fear and loathing of advanced persistent threats (ATPs) is creating a market for what IDC calls specialized threat analysis and protection.

RSA: Verizon Discusses Roman Holiday in Data Breach Digest

 VIDEO: Bryan Sartin, managing director, the RISK Team, Verizon, discusses the new Verizon Breach Digest.

Apple vs. FBI: Even Cryptographers Cannot Agree

Even world famous cryptographers don't all agree with Apple's position on protecting encrypted data.

Cloud Security Alliance Takes Aim at Next Generation Cloud

Cloud Security Alliance announces a new global advisory board and starts guidance for security-as-a-service and NFV offerings.

What the Heck Is a CASB, and Do You Need One?

Cloud access security brokers are a relative newcomer to the enterprise, but cloud security concerns will drive rapid adoption of CASBs.

Smart Buildings, Not So Smart Security? [PODCAST]

Smart buildings have some IoT security issues, finds IBM X-Force Security research.