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  • 9 Best Cybersecurity Podcasts for Security Pros in 2023

    Cybersecurity podcasts are an easy way to immerse yourself in the world of SecOps. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can catch up on the latest news and hear analysis from experts in the field or take a deep dive into a major cybersecurity story or concept. The best part? You can listen while… Read more

  • Cybersecurity Analysts Using ChatGPT for Malicious Code Analysis, Predicting Threats

    ChatGPT has raised alarm among cybersecurity researchers for its unnerving ability in composing everything from sophisticated malware to phishing lures – but it’s important to keep in mind that the tool can help support cybersecurity defenses as well. Shiran Grinberg, director of research and cyber operations at Cynet, told eSecurity Planet that too many companies… Read more

  • Cybersecurity in the Metaverse Will Require New Approaches

    Despite challenges faced by Meta and others, there remains optimism for the metaverse. The PwC 2022 U.S. Metaverse Survey highlights this. The survey, which included over 5,000 consumers and 1,000 U.S. business leaders, shows that half of consumers consider the metaverse to be exciting, and 66% of executives say their companies are actively engaged with… Read more

  • Researchers’ Quantum Threat Debunked, RSA Safe for Now

    In a paper published late last month, 24 Chinese researchers suggested that RSA-2048 encryption could be broken using a quantum computer with 372 physical quantum bits. Cryptographer Bruce Schneier drew attention to the paper [PDF] last week in a blog post, noting that IBM recently announced a 433-qubit quantum computer, far exceeding the researchers’ stated… Read more

  • Security Outlook 2023: Cyber Warfare Expands Threats

    After a year that saw massive ransomware attacks and open cyber warfare, the biggest question in cybersecurity for 2023 will likely be how much of those attack techniques get commoditized and weaponized. “In 2022, governments fought wars online, businesses were affected by multiple ransomware gangs, and regular users’ data was constantly on hackers’ radars,” said… Read more

  • ChatGPT: A Brave New World for Cybersecurity

    Released on November 30, ChatGPT has instantly become a viral online sensation. In a week, the app gained more than one million users. Unlike most other AI research projects, ChatGPT has captivated the interest of ordinary people who do not have PhDs in data science. They can type in queries and get human-like responses. The… Read more

  • What VCs See Happening in Cybersecurity in 2023

    It has certainly been a rough year for the tech industry. There have been many layoffs, the IPO market has gone mostly dark, and venture funding has decelerated. Despite all this, there is one tech category that has held up fairly well: Cybersecurity. Just look at a report from M&A advisory firm Houlihan Lokey, which… Read more

  • FTX Collapse Highlights the Cybersecurity Risks of Crypto

    John Jay Ray III is one of the world’s top bankruptcy lawyers. He has worked on cases like Enron and Nortel. But his latest gig appears to be the most challenging. On November 11, he took the helm at FTX, a massive crypto platform, which has plunged into insolvency. His Chapter 11 filing reads more… Read more

  • AI in Cybersecurity: How It Works

    There’s a never-ending battle going on between cyber defenders and attackers, and this plays out with security products too: As soon as a security vendor develops a way to mitigate the latest threat, attackers are busy finding a way around it or a new threat to take its place. To try to gain an edge… Read more

  • Versa Networks, Apiiro Show VCs Still Focused on Cybersecurity

    A pair of recent $100 million funding rounds show that venture capital is still flowing into cybersecurity startups despite economic headwinds and rising interest rates. Versa Networks announced a funding round for $120 million last week, while Apiiro followed this week with a $100 million funding round. The two are addressing major issues like sprawling… Read more

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