Cloudflare Nukes IoT Security Threats from 'Orbit'

The company's new service keeps IoT devices, even ones riddled with vulnerabilities, out of a hacker's grasp.

Internet of Things (IoT) may seem like the Wild West, but Cloudflare is looking to bring order to the chaos surrounding the burgeoning market for connected devices. While IoT market is in its infancy, … more »

SIEM Guide: A Comprehensive View of Security Information and Event Management Tools

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools monitor logs from network hardware and software to spot security threats, detect and prevent breaches, and provide forensic analysis. Learn everything you need to know to implement a SIEM system.

Russian Hackers Target French Presidential Campaign

The attacks are the invisible side of a Russian campaign against Emmanuel Macron, his digital director said.

Chipotle Hit by Credit Card Breach

All customers who paid with a credit or debit card at a Chipotle location between March 24, 2017 and April 18, 2017 may be affected.

Hackers Aim High to Hack the U.S. Air Force

Latest program in HackerOne-backed U.S military bug bounty effort takes aim at the USAF.

87 Percent of Companies Plan to Invest in Security-as-a-Service in the Next 12 Months

40 percent expect their network security spending to increase by 10 to 20 percent over the next year, a recent survey found.

Twistlock Raises $17M for Container Security

The funds will help the application container security startup expand into more markets and grow its product.

Penetration Testing: DIY or Hire a Pen Tester?

The best approach may be to do both: Hire a pen tester to get started, and learn to do it yourself for ongoing penetration testing. We give you everything you need to know about DIY and third-party pen testing.

Russian Hacker Sentenced to 27 Years in U.S. Prison

Roman Seleznev, the son of a Russian MP, caused over $169 million in damages by installing malware on point-of-sale machines.

Securing Docker, One Patch at a Time

The open-source Docker container project integrates many different security approaches, but like every other software project, it still has to deal with reported software vulnerabilities.

Lacework Emerges from Stealth with Polygraph Cloud Security

The startup's "zero-touch" cloud workload security platform eliminates the need to fine-tune policies and pore over logs to secure cloud environments.

Almost 40 Percent of Industrial Computers Were Hit by Cyber Attacks in 2H 2016

And a quarter of all targeted attacks were aimed at industrial targets, a recent study found.