Security Flaws Found in LastPass Extensions for Chrome, Firefox

The vulnerabilities, uncovered by security researcher Tavis Ormandy, were patched quickly.

Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy recently discovered two security flaws affecting the browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox for the LastPass password manager. In a blog post published yesterday, … more »

TrackVia Combines Low-Code Apps with Security Best Practices

The drive to digital transformation encourages use of low-code application development platforms, but these tools often overlook security, leaving enterprises exposed to unknown threats. TrackVia injects security back into the application development equation using a low-code platform that speeds development yet institutes protection.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Three U.K. Mistakenly Expose Customer Data

In both cases, the information appears to have been exposed by mistake, not by an external or internal attack.

Threat Intelligence and Analytics: Staying Ahead of Cyber Criminals

Threat intelligence is the best way to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals and prevent information or financial losses. We offer a thorough overview of cyber threat intelligence and how to implement it in your business.

Beware of Sleeper Fraud Accounts

Datavisor Online Fraud report finds that a non-trivial percentage of fraud activity occurs from accounts that are inactive for a week before an attack.

MajikPOS Malware Currently Infecting U.S. Point-of-Sale Systems

The malware began infecting businesses across North America in late January.

Understanding Ransomware Vectors Key to Preventing Attack

Understanding how ransomware infects computers and mobile devices is critical for preventing ransomware attacks.

Mozilla Firefox is the First Pwn2own 2017 Victim to be Patched

Once again, Mozilla is quick to deal with a zero-day exploit first demonstrated at the Pwn2own hacking competition.

Bayshore Networks Raises $11M for Industrial Cyber Security

Bayshore's core product platform is the company's IT/OT Gateway for industrial cyber security.

63 Percent of Enteprises Use Advanced Tech Without Securing Sensitive Data

59 percent of senior security executives are concerned about security breaches due to attacks hitting cloud service providers, a recent survey found.

Security Pros Brace for Industrial IoT Cyber Attacks

The vast majority of IT security professionals are expecting in an increase in attacks targeting Industrial Internet of Things deployments, finds a Tripwire survey.

Women Comprise Just 11 Percent of Global Cyber Security Workforce

And men are nine times more likely than women to hold managerial positions, a recent survey found.