Securing MySQL DBMS

These steps can help you secure your deployment of the open source MySQL Community Server.

By Maxim Sovetkin, Itransition MySQL, owned by Oracle since 2009, is the number one open source database for successful startups and Web-based applications, loved by such iconic social networks as Facebook, … more »

Ukraine Blackout Was Caused by ‘Premeditated and Multi-Level' Cyber Attack

The country's national power company hasn't said whether it was able to link the attack to any specific group or nation state.

Just Eight Percent of IT Pros Say Most of Their Staff Have the Skills They Need

More than three times as many IT pros would prefer to grow their staff's skills than grow the number of people on their team, a recent survey found.

McDonald's Website Flaw Exposes User Passwords

'If there's one thing you shouldn't do, it's decrypting passwords client side,' researcher Tijme Gommers noted.

Researchers Warn of Highly Effective New Gmail Phishing Scam

The attack has already caught several technical users, according to Wordfence CEO Mark Maunder.

95 Percent of Enterprise Cloud Services Aren't Enterprise Ready

82 percent don't encrypt data at rest, according to a recent report.