King Content Launches SecurityGram Electronic News Bulletin

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Press Release March 7, 2001

King ContentFramingham, MA - March 7, 2001 King Content Company, a strategic publishing firm and publisher of ecomSecurity.com, a leading Web site for security news and resources, today announced the launch of SecurityGram, a free weekly electronic news bulletin providing critical information on the subject of e-security.

SecurityGram will keep IT managers up to date on the latest news and features posted to ecomSecurity.com, which provides essential information about e-security technologies and issues, from security experts and consultants who follow the security industry day to day. By addressing management challenges such as risk assessment, ROI, and the business considerations behind implementing security solutions, ecomSecurity.com fills the gap left by sites and bulletins providing strictly technical information.

As organizations seek to differentiate themselves through online access and other customer-facing applications, security has become an increasingly important enabler for new business initiatives. According to IT research firm META Group, "As e-business becomes a more prominent feature of every corporation's strategy, it becomes absolutely essential to start thinking of how you're going to maintain business integrity through digital means as opposed to what used to be physical means. (Securing the Security Group 10/27/2000, ©META Group, Inc.)"

Market trends, like the growing pervasiveness of mobile computing devices (not typically covered by centralized security solutions) and the increased exposure of company data on intra- and extranets, have pushed the issue of e-security to the forefront of business challenges. Most troublesome is the rising frequency and cost of security breaches, which can seriously impact a company's profitability. Seventy percent of respondents to the 2000 Computer Security Institute/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey said they suffered an unauthorized use of computer systems within the previous 12 months and 59% said their Internet connection was a "frequent point of attack." The average loss from theft of proprietary information was $1.14 million while losses from sabotage of data or networks averaged more than $500,000 per respondent.

IT managers are struggling to keep up as security challenges and costs grow. "SecurityGram will put timely, high-level information in the hands of IT management so they understand the issues and can make informed decisions," said Paul Desmond, editor of ecomSecurity.com and vice president of King Content. "Subscribers will be assured not to miss any of the business-oriented security coverage that ecomSecurity.com offers."

SecurityGram is available by registering at www.ecomsecurity.com.

About King Content Company

King Content Co. develops content for technology publications, conferences, and Web sites. The company's principals have more than 25 years of experience as editors for major industry publications including Software Magazine, Computerworld, Network World and Application Development Trends.

ecomSecurity.com provides timely, in-depth information for IT managers who need to look at security in a business context. ecomSecurity.com's original content addresses not only the latest tools and techniques, but the bottom-line aspects of security, including risk management, return on investment and the opportunities proper security can create in an e-business environment.

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