Trend Micro Update Causes Mayhem

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Trend Micro customers spent at least part of the weekend battling thefallout from a faulty software update that the company distributed lastFriday.

The update caused some computers to seize up due to a bad pattern file,according to Michael Sweeny, a spokesman for the the company, which isbased in Japan. The faulty update affected computers running Windows XPService Pack 2, along with Trend Micro's PC-Cillin or OfficeScansoftware.

Sweeny would not give an estimate to how many computers were affected,but did say that the problem was worldwide.

''It's an antidote to malware threats -- viruses and worms and bots,''says Sweeny. ''These bots are new and we're trying to protect customersfrom being vulnerable to personal information threats and zombie PCs.

''We're re-evaluating our solution development and delivery processes toensure that we balance timely updates for these fast-changing threatsagainst quality and stability,'' he adds. ''We apologize for the impacton those affected. We have been outreaching. We worked through theweekend. We kept our support lines open. Our premium customers werecontacted immediately.''

The faulty update was live on the Trend Micro Web site and was being sentout to customers through its automatic update service for an hour and ahalf before it was pulled down, according to Sweeny.

The problem was more widespread in Asia since the update wasn'tdistributed until 3:30 pm. PST on a Friday -- too late for most officesin the West to install it.

A working version of the update was later posted on the site. Customersstill having trouble can go to the Trend Micro site and follow the links,or they can go straight to this