Sophos Discontinues Klingon Anti-Virus

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PC security vendor Sophos is ending its glorious experiment into Klingon PC anti-virus defense. No this is not an early April Fool's Day joke, Sophos states that they've had over 100,000 downloads of its Star Trek bad/good guy inspired anti-virus software, which scanned for the usual malware, as well as Tribbles.

Basically, the software was a Klingon language version of Sophos' malware scanner. So why did Sophos discontinue the offer?

No it's not some crafty Federation deception, but rather a testament to the valor of the Klingon warrior race.
"A meeting of the Klingon High Council recently expressed concern that the continued existence of Klingon Anti-Virus reflected badly on the Klingon race, as they claim to have eradicated all Qo'noS-related malware, past present and future in both this and mirror universes," Graham Cluely senior technology consultant Sophos blogged."And we don't like to upset them. Live long and prosper."

Though Sophos is ending its Klingon language effort, those who speak Klingon still have other technology choices online.

One such notable online effort comes from none other than Google. A Klingon version of Google was first made available in 2002 and is still available today.

Just a  conspiracy note (as conspiracies have been known to occur in the High Council just ask The House of Duras), perhaps the eradication of Klingon malware has to do with a shift in operating systems?

Could it be that Qo'noS isn't a Windows shop and now runs Linux?  (and the Klingon version of Linux doesn't have a penguin, but a Targh as its mascot)

Article courtesy of InternetNews.com.