Zaxby's Acknowledges Possible Security Breach

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Zaxby's recently announced that several of its locations had identified suspicious files, including malware, on their computer systems, which "may have resulted in unauthorized access to credit and debit card information or have been identified by credit card processing companies as common points of purchase for some fraudulent activity."

A list of the affected locations can be viewed here.

"Because the malware files could have been used to export guest names and credit and debit card numbers, Zaxby’s Franchising informed appropriate law enforcement authorities of the potential criminal activity," writes Macon.com's Linda S. Morris.

"The company has not yet been able to tell whether information left the system, however," writes WMAZ's Jacqueline Harnevious. "Zaxby's has since started adding additional security measures to prevent future breaches. Zaxby's requests that customers who have been to these locations monitor their financial account activity."