UK Plans Cyber Security Camp

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As part of the third annual Cyber Security Challenge UK, Lancaster University will host a five-day cyber camp in early September for up to 30 candidates.

"Most of the candidates attending the cyber camp are under 25 and have been selected from hundreds of participants in the Cyber Security Challenge competition which has run since April," writes Computer Weekly's Karl Flinders.

"As part of the training initiative, attendees will be put through their security paces and be tested by exercises set up by experts from Cyber Security Challenge sponsors including the Metropolitan Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU), Raytheon, QinetiQ, HP and KPMG," writes IT PRO's Maggie Holland. "Such exercises will include training in digital forensics, informed defence, and creative security solutions."

"Candidates will also receive advice on interview techniques and CV writing in order to improve their chances of landing that first job in information security," writes SC Magazine's Dan Raywood.

"The cyber camp concept is something completely new for this year’s Challenge," Cyber Security Challenge UK CEO Stephanie Daman said in a statement. "It represents a great opportunity for our expert sponsors to work closely with a group of talented young amateurs to develop their skills and show them how exciting and varied the cyber security profession can be. We are running this as a proof of concept for a series of annual regional camps across the country, run out of local universities with a speciality in computer science and cyber security to specifically target younger guys and girls with real talent."