Theft of Physician's Laptop Exposes 8,900 Patients' Data

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Dr. Stephen T. Imrie, an orthopedic surgeon in San Jose, Calif., recently began notifying his patients that his home was broken into on September 23, 2013 and several items were stolen, including his password-protected laptop.

The San Jose Police Department was notified of the theft, but the laptop has not been recovered.

The laptop contained 8,900 patient records, including each patient's name, phone number, birthdate, Social Security number, medical history including medications and diagnoses, and surgical information if a surgery was performed.

"Please be assured that I have taken every step necessary to address the incident and I am taking this matter very seriously," Imrie wrote in the notification letter [PDF].

While there's no indication at this point that any patient information has been misused, all patients are being advised to place a fraud alert on their credit files, and are being offered a free year of identity protection services from AllClear ID.