More Than 25 Percent of Companies Plan to Increase IT Security Budgets in 2014


A recent SilverSky survey of security decision makers across various industries regarding their 2014 IT security spending plans found that 81 percent of respondents believe their organizations are just as secure or more secure than they were a year ago.

Still, the survey found that more than 24 percent of organizations are planning to make significant investment in security in 2014, upping overall budgets by 10 percent or more.

That doesn't mean they're necessarily looking at cutting-edge technologies, though -- according to the survey results, the leading security areas that organizations plan to invest in are vulnerability management, Web security and firewalls. One reason for those plans, according to SilverSky, is that 67 percent of respondents continue to deploy all or mostly on-premise or appliance-based network security solutions.

And while 57 percent of respondents plan to spend more on network security products in the coming year, only 37 percent plan to increase their budgets for e-mail security tools.

At the same time, survey respondents say their fears are shifting from network security concerns to data loss -- 87 percent of respondents said targeted phishing attacks are a leading concern, and 67 percent said the same of accidental data loss by employees.

More information on the survey results is available in a SilverSky blog post here.