Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation Acknowledges Security Breaches

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The Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC) recently published an announcement [PDF file] stating that it had notified the UK's Information Commissioner of two incidents that may have resulted in the loss of data (h/t DataBreaches.net).

"The first incident relates to the theft of a laptop during a domestic burglary, while the second incident relates to an intrusion into the Group's electronic systems by a third party," the statement [PDF file] reads. "The affected staff will be provided with guidelines on precautionary actions that they should take. ENRC will also be offering affected employees the use of an identity protection service. In addition, the Group has reviewed and upgraded its systems in order to improve security and prevent such incidents taking place in the future."

The statement doesn't indicate how many staff are affected, or what data may have been accessed.

The Guardian notes that the company is currently under investigation by the UK's Serious Fraud Office due to allegations of fraud and corruption, and that it also recently received a takeover offer from its founding shareholders in partnership with the government of Kazakhstan.