Data Center Security Company Catbird Gets $10 Million

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Data center security and compliance solution provider Catbird recently announced that it had secured a $10 million investment from Medina Capital (h/t VentureBeat).

The new funding brings Medina's total investment in Catbird to $12 million. Catbird plans to use the funds to expand its sales and marketing efforts and to further develop its virtualization security solution. Medina will advise Catbird on lead generation, product development and operations.

Catbird's software-based security solution vSecurity uses virtual and cloud systems to deploy agile security controls for software-defined data centers. "Within the next five years, software-defined security will largely replace physical appliances as the de facto approach to securing next-generation datacenters," Medina Capital founding and managing partner Manuel D. Medina said in a statement. "The combination of Catbird’s leading-edge technology, its team and the market opportunity made for a highly-attractive investment."

"Network security can leverage the power of software-defined architecture to enforce compliance by working directly with the network fabric for better protection and scalability -- massively accelerating the wide-scale deployment of cloud-based infrastructure," Catbird CEO Edmundo Costa said in a statement.