Cloud Security Firm Gets $38 Million

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Zscaler yesterday announced that it had secured $38 million in funding from investors including Lightspeed Ventures.

"EMC Corp. was the main investor in the $38 million venture round for Zscaler, according to published reports," writes MSP News' Erin Harrison. "'EMC, whose venture investing is typically done quietly, has had a relationship with Zscaler since at least February,' the Boston Business Journal reported."

"Until now, San Jose, Calif.-based Zscaler, founded by its CEO Jay Chaudhry in 2008, has been entirely funded through internal investment," writes Network World's Ellen Messmer. "Chaudhry said ... that although the company in the past had 'resisted outside investment,' the decision was made to accept the $38 million in capital in order to expand the company's sales and marketing and further develop its cloud security offerings, putting an emphasis on mobility."

"Zscaler's set of products helps customers manage e-mail, Web activity, mobile devices, and various cloud applications such as Salesforce through one hub, the 'Secure Cloud Gateway,'" writes VentureBeat's Meghan Kelly. "The company calls it a 'check post for all Internet traffic.' In the Secure Cloud Gateway, companies can set various policies and rules which the apps and devices must follow, and the secure gateway enforced those policies."

"And it has a lot of users: Zscaler says it works with 2,500 clients, currently protecting some 8 million users across 160 countries, with clients including the La-Z-Boy furniture company and the multinational operator Telefonica," writes TechCrunch's Ingrid Lunden.

"Zscaler doesn’t solve all problems, but it’s certainly ahead of the pack in thinking about security in a forward-looking way," writes GigaOM's Stacey Higginbotham. "Other companies trying to address the changes in security required by BYOD and corporate access to the cloud applications are Bromium and CloudPassage."