Cheyney University Admits Security Breach


Cheyney University of Pennsylvania recently announced that an e-mail sent to university students on January 24 included an attachment containing current and former students' names, mailing addresses and Social Security numbers.

"Investigators say the employee in the Thornbury Township college's Bursar's Office sent the email but inadvertently attached more than 241 pages of personal information," writes NBC 10's Danielle Johnson.

According to the AP, approximately 2,100 current and former students were affected.

In a letter sent to current and former students on January 25, university director of public relations Gwen Owens wrote, "Our staff realized the error within minutes and took immediate corrective action to prevent further disclosure and prevent any potential unauthorized access to your personal information. Cheyney University is taking the precaution of contracting with a credit monitoring company to provide you with services to inform you of any misuse of your personal information at no cost to you."

"School officials aren't saying ... whether the employee who sent the e-mail is being reprimanded," notes WTXF's Omari Fleming.