Bojangles' Restaurants Hacked


WATE reports that hackers appears to have accessed customer credit card information at several Bojangles' restaurants operated by a single franchisee, including one location in Newport, Tenn. (h/t

According to local police, the credit card reader at the Newport location was connected to the restaurant's Wi-Fi network, which appears to have been the hackers' point of entry.

Six local residents told the Newport Police Department that they found fraudulent activity on their credit cards after eating at Bojangles. The largest unauthorized charge was for $870.98 in two separate purchases at an IKEA store in Sunrise, Fla.

"The outreaching problem with this one is that it's reaching into states in the far northeast, and as far west as Missouri and south to Florida," Newport Police Chief Maurice Shults told WATE. "It begins to look like it may be someone who is obtaining the information to try to sell it."

In a statement, the company said, "Bojangles' is aware that the credit card information of some customers may have been compromised at a small number of restaurants operated by a single franchisee, including one restaurant in Newport, Tenn. Steps were immediately taken to safeguard customer data by using a dial-up method for credit-card transactions that is secure."