Blizzard Entertainment Faces Security Breach Lawsuit


Blizzard Entertainment is being sued following a recent security breach that exposed users' e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords.

"Lead plaintiff Benjamin Bell sued Blizzard Entertainment, of Irvine, and its corporate parent, Santa Monica-based Activision Blizzard," writes Courthouse News Service's Matt Reynolds. "Bell seeks class damages for consumer fraud, unjust enrichment, negligence, breach of contract and bailment."

"According to Bell, games like StarCraft and Diablo are not safe to play unless consumers purchase an authenticator, and that Blizzard did not warn users beforehand that an authenticator would be required to maintain security of one's account," writes Gaming Blend's William Usher. "Bell claims that the ploy of selling authenticators at $6.40 has netted Blizzard approximately $26 million in sales."

"Bell also says that Blizzard did not take the legally required steps [to] alert players that their accounts were compromised," writes Gamasutra's Eric Caoili. "He is seeking class damages and an injunction to prevent Blizzard from requiring users to sign up for accounts to play its games, and from requiring after-sale products to enhance customers' security."

"Whatever happens, other publishers will undoubtedly be watching for the results as it will have far more implications on the future of extra costs for games, being forced to sign up for sites related to games and player information security," writes Gameranx's Jeanine Celestin-Greer.