1,367 Children's Private Data Published Online

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A major security lapse at UK company has led to the leaking of 1,367 children's confidential records.

"The company behind the blunder, Gabbitas, is one of the leading firms in the field, and publishes the Independent Schools Guide," writes The Telegraph's Jason Lewis. "It charges a minimum of £199 an hour for personal advice to parents about the right school for their child. It also offers private tutoring and guardianship provision for children, careers advice and guidance, and recruitment support or management consultancy to schools."

"An investigation by the Telegraph newspaper found that the information, which included children's names and addresses, information about their personality, learning difficulties and health, and even comments about them from their parents, was accessible on the Independent Schools Guide website via the Google search engine," Information Age reports.

"The leaked database contained information on clients who were hoping to get their children into independent schools, including family details of a leading TV actor, a pop star and the son of an ex-Cabinet minister," writes TechWeekEurope's Tom Brewster.

"Prospects Services, owner of Gabbitas, only pulled the plug on the website after being alerted by the Telegraph newspaper and claimed that the error stemmed from a 'cyber attack,'" writes The Drum's John Glenday.

"According to the newspaper the UK's data watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office, has been alerted to the leak and is considering its response," writes The Inquirer's Dave Neal.