• Making a Case for Mobile Device Management

      Historically, the push for IT changes came from top-level executives and organizations provided employees with high-end computers that were well beyond the technology people had in their homes. Laptops are a great example of this – they entered the world in a top-down, calculated and directed fashion, which in turn put them under the… Read more

  • What Star Wars Teaches Us About BYOD and IT Security

    TORONTO – For the last 35 years, Star Wars has been the cornerstone of mainstream and geek cultural awareness. While Star Wars is a piece of dramatic fiction, many have found inspiration and solace in it that can apply to the everyday real world. According to Kellman Meghu, head of Security Engineering for Check Point… Read more

  • Full Disk Encryption Buyer’s Guide

    Full disk encryption – also known as whole encryption – is the most effective way to prevent confidential data being taken from a laptop that has been lost, stolen or left unattended in a hotel room. How Full Disk Encryption Works FDE works by encrypting a system’s entire hard drive – all the confidential data… Read more

  • 4 Steps to Securing Mobile Devices and Apps in the Workplace

    It’s an unstoppable trend: Employees are bringing their own iPhones, iPads, and Android devices to work and using them for business purposes. While that may be great for productivity, the influx of personal smartphones and tablets in the workplace can pose a significant risk to your organization’s security if you don’t have a strategy for… Read more

  • Google Wallet Compromised with Hackers Access to PIN & Funds

    What would happen if you lost your wallet to a thief? It’s a question that Google Wallet users on Android phones are asking themselves in the wake of multiple reports of security vulnerabilities in Google’s mobile payment technology. Google Wallet is a virtual payment system that can be used with online merchants on the web,… Read more

  • iOS vs Android Security: Which One Is More Secure?

    Just when you thought the evidence was dramatic — overwhelming perhaps — that Apple’s iOS offers vastly more mobile security than does Google’s Android, the wall of confidence comes crumbling down. “There is no clear winner in the iOS-Android faceoff,” proclaimed Brian Reed, CMO of BoxTone, a mobility management company. “It depends on the moment… Read more

  • 8 iOS Security Apps for Jailbroken Devices

    Due to the iOS design, there are a limited number of security apps in the Mac App Store. However, jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch gives apps more control of iOS and the device. Thus you’ll find more security apps in Cydia and other repositories. The security and stability risks are debatable, but with… Read more

  • Tools to Deploy 802.1X on Mobile Devices

    Deploying WPA2-Enterprise security with 802.1X authentication across your Wi-Fi network of PCs is already quite a task. Adding in support of all the mobile phones and tablets makes it even more daunting. However, there are several solutions out there to help end-users configure their own devices, which can help cut down calls to the IT… Read more

  • How to Erase Your iOS Device

    Security shouldn’t stop at your computer. Your mobile phones and devices are actually more vulnerable to become lost or stolen, and they can contain just as much personal and sensitive data. Before you sell, trash, or send them off for repair, you should wipe them clean of your personal information. In addition, you should enable… Read more

  • The Caffe Latte Attack: How It Works — and How to Block It

    The flaws that make WEP vulnerable were documented back in 2001, prompting development of dozens of cracking tools. Until recently, those attacks focused on traffic captured from active networks, requiring proximity to the targeted business. But lately, focus has shifted to off-site clients that are not connected to any network. By exploiting driver flaws, exposed… Read more

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