8 iOS Security Apps for Jailbroken Devices

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Due to the iOS design, there are a limited number of security apps in the Mac App Store. However, jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch gives apps more control of iOS and the device. Thus you’ll find more security apps in Cydia and other repositories. The security and stability risks are debatable, but with sites like JailBreakMe.com it’s sure more tempting.

Here we’ll take a look at eight security-related apps for jailbroken iOS devices:

OpenSSH (Free) – This OpenSSH server gives you the ability to transfer files between your iOS device and computer via WiFi. In addition to the traditional SSH command-line, it supports the SFTP/SCP protocol so you can do drag and drop file transfers.

For Windows you can download a FTP/SFTP client like WinSCP to connect to your iOS device. If you prefer command-line, try Putty. Before you can connect you’d have to check for the IP address assigned to your iOS device: tap Settings > WiFi and tap on the WiFi network.

Just remember to change default password of OpenVPN so others can’t connect!

GuizmOVPN (Free) – This is a GUI-based OpenVPN client for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch so you can connect to OpenVPN servers for secure file transfers and Web browsing. It’s a port of the OpenVPN command line client with a tunemu patch that allows programs that require tun devices to run on OS X without kernel support.

Like the PC client, the settings must be defined in an OpenVPN configuration file (.conf or .ovpn). You can download config files for some third-party providers right within the app. You can also download your own packaged ZIP file containing the config files and certificates using a custom URL or by uploading using a computer via WiFi with the app’s built in Web interface.

FindMyPhone ($0.99) – This is a simple SMS-based remote locating app for iPhones with iOS 3.1.2 and later. Input and save an activation phrase in the app, choose a sound for it to play when lost, and select for how long to play. Then if you lose your iPhone, text that activation phrase to it from a friend’s phone.

Once your iPhone receives the matching text, it plays your saved sound and (if using iOS 4+) replies back the location on Google Maps. You can optionally request just the location and forgo the audible alarm.

iLocalis ($7.19/year after 10-day free trial) – This is a remote locating and control app you can use if your iPhone becomes lost or stolen. You log onto the iLocalis site and you can ?see its location and remotely backup, lock, wipe or record audio. If a thief changes the SIM card, you can remotely send a SMS message or remotely make a call to a friend’s mobile phone.

This could also be used by businesses or family’s to track employees or family members, or allow them to track and alert each other. There’s even free messaging between other iLocalis users, i.e., no SMS charges.

Cylay ($19.99/year after 15-day free trial) – This is another remote locating and anti-theft app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. On the Cylay site you can see the location on Google Maps and remotely backup, set the lock, display a message, send an audible alarm, and wipe your device. Backed up data includes the address book, notes, text messages, and call history.

It also features SIM card protection and even shut-down prevention of your iOS device helping to stop a thief from turning it off so you can locate it. Additionally, most remote functions with an iPhone can also be initiated via SMS commands you send from another phone. Plus it includes a SMS forwarding feature so you won’t miss any text messages while your iPhone is missing.

RecognizeMe ($6.99) – Tired of entering your passcode? Install this app and you’ll just have to pose for the camera to get it unlocked. It’s a simple facial recognition app that you can use as an alternative to entering a passcode. Though it takes more time and effort, it’s cool and can impress your buddies.

To get it setup you train the app by shooting yourself in a few different lighting conditions. To unlock you’d swipe the lock screen like normal. Above the usual passcode dial-pad you can tap the RecognizeMe icon, and then get ready to pose for a few seconds.

The iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4th Gen is required with iOS 4.0 or higher and a Facetime-camera.

Mobile Spy (Starting at $49.97 for 3 months) – This can secretly track GPS location and usage of iPhones and iPads. You might use it to keep an eye on employees or children. It silently records the GPS location, SMS messages, and call activities, and then uploads for viewing via the Internet on the Mobile Spy site. It also logs any memos, tasks, calendar events, email activity, Web browsing, and any photos or videos taken.

Purchasing the LIVE Control Panel add on lets you view a screen shot of the iPhone or iPad display (updated every 90 seconds) and a real time GPS location. It also lets you enable automated emailing of the logs so you can keep tabs on the device without always having to login. Plus it gives you SIM protection, remote lock and wipe, and ability to send it silent SMS commands.

OwnSpy (Starting at $9.99/m after 24-hr free trial) – This is another secretive remote spying app for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4. In addition to tracking the GPS location, you can remotely read SMS and WhatsApp messages, view contacts, and review call and Web history. You can also view the photos, app usage, and even do silent remote uninstallation. You can also hide the Cydia and OwnSpy icons to prevention suspicion.

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