Mobile Device Management ROI Calculator

Determining the return on investment for enterprise software is not always complicated. It’s fairly easy to determine the savings generated by using applications that remove time and/or manual steps from routine business processes. Calculating ROI for mobile device management solutions can be tricky, though, because MDM involves benefits that may not be easy to quantify.

Information security professionals understand the importance of protecting mobile data and preventing breaches that can result in a damaged reputation and possible legal action. CFOs do too, but they also want to see clear and more immediate returns.

That is where our mobile device management ROI calculator can help, by highlighting savings that may not always be obvious, even to experienced software buyers.

For example, MDM allows IT organizations to remotely perform many tasks that once required hands-on work. So when considering how MDM can lower the costs of mobile device refreshes, you will want to factor in not only the costs of configuring new devices and decommissioning old ones, but also the costs associated with acquiring and distributing the devices to users.

Some of the other potential areas for savings include costs associated with replacing lost or broken mobile devices, costs associated with policy changes for mobile devices and costs associated with telecommunications charges incurred by users who use their devices for work while traveling.

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