Majority of Consumers Have Been Victims of Malware

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According to the results of a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Impermium, 56 percent of consumers have been a victim of a virus or malware infection.

The survey of 2,046 adults, conducted online from June 7-11, also found that 37 percent of respondents have been victims of phishing attacks, 26 percent have been victims of account compromise, 20 percent have been victims of social media phishing attacks, and 5 percent have had a phone lost or stolen that resulted in unwanted access to sensitive information.

Additionally,79 percent of consumers are at least somewhat worried about having their e-mail accounts compromised, 71 percent are at least somewhat worried about having their online bank accounts compromised, and 55 percent are at least somewhat worried about having their social media accounts compromised.

Still, 75 percent of respondents have never used two-factor authentication. Thirty percent say they've never needed to do so, and 27 percent have decided against signing onto a Web site with two-factor authentication because they didn't want to disclose their mobile phone number and/or they found it inconvenient.

"Despite heightened awareness of cyber threats and a clear demand for account protection, Americans are still hesitant to adopt new prevention techniques," Impermium CEO Mark Risher said in a statement. "Two-factor authentication has been held aloft as a 'silver bullet,' but a security system that isn’t turned on provides no security. Only with intelligent, risk-based authentication mechanisms can service providers effectively protect users from account hijacking."