Turkish Ajan Hacker Group Hits Pizza Hut

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Hacker Maxney of the Turkish Ajan Hacker Group recently defaced the official Web sites for Pizza Hut in Spain and Malta, and posted user data online.

The group announced the breach on Twitter using the hash tag #freeegypt -- since there's no clear connection between Pizza Hut in Malta and the unrest in Egypt, it's safe to assume that Pizza Hut was simply a target of opportunity.

The defacement pages read, "HACKED FOR MUSLIM BROTHERS IN EGYPT," followed by the statement "Sooner or later, a Moses goes up and asks for an accounting of the persecution," in both Turkish and English.

They also released 13 Excel files on Speedy Share, including one file containing more than 1,900 full names, e-mail addresses, user names and clear text passwords.