NYC Police Arrest Dozens for Identity Theft


New York City authorities today announced the arrests of 111 individuals connected to five identity theft and credit card fraud rings.

"Eighty-six defendants were arrested in a series of raids earlier this week in New York City, and another 25 are named in indictments," writes SecurityNewsDaily's Paul Wagenseil. "The entire case was called 'Operation Swiper.'"

"The five groups allegedly obtained batches of credit-card numbers stolen either online or by 'skimmers' who worked in bars, restaurants, retail stores or other businesses where employees handled customer credit cards," Wagenseil writes. "Blank cards were allegedly shipped in from China, Russia and the Middle East, and were converted in Queens to be passable copies of the originals."

Go to "Massive NYC Police Raids Bust 5 Alleged ID Theft Rings" to read the details.

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