Hackers Steal $150,000 from Wisconsin School District

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A hacker recently stole approximately $150,000 (two weeks' worth of staff paychecks) from Wisconsin's Stanley-Boyd School District last week. It's not yet clear how the funds were accessed.

"Paychecks were sent to the AnchorBank corporate office in Madison earlier in the week, just as normal," write The Leader-Telegram's Chris Vetter and Chuck Rupnow. "Bank officials then sent a confirmation response informing district officials the money had been received. But an email message Superintendent Jim Jones sent to district employees Wednesday evening states that money wasn't deposited in staff members' accounts. Instead, money intended for those accounts was sent elsewhere."

"The employees were paid last Friday from other funds," WSAU News reports. "Stanley-Boyd officials said either the school district’s insurance or the bank’s insurance would eventually cover the loss of the stolen funds. In the meantime, Jones said it should be assumed that the hacker has the employees’ bank account data -- and those workers are urged to get their account numbers changed to avoid identity theft."

"Jennifer Ranville, public relations director for AnchorBank, said it has very strong layers of security to avoid hacking efforts to customer accounts," write The Chippewa Herald's Rod Stetzer and Alicia Yager. "'There is no evidence that any of AnchorBank's computer systems have been hacked or otherwise compromised,' Ranville said. Bob Seidl, president of the Stanley-Boyd teacher’s union, said district employees have been directed not to comment as the investigation continues. 'Obviously people are concerned,' Seidl said of the staff members at Stanley-Boyd."