Hacker Brings Google Maps to iOS 6

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Hacker Ryan Petrich recently posted a YouTube video showing Google Maps installed on an iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.

"Before you watch, Petrich would like to apologize for the poor video quality as he says 'YouTube mangles source video if it’s less than a certain width,'" writes The Next Web's Emil Protalinski. "While the iOS hacker hasn’t revealed how he pulled off the feat, the video’s description does offer a bit more detail: 'Preview of the old Google Maps application from iOS5.1 and earlier running on an iPhone 3G S updated to iOS 6.0. Still crashy and cannot be distributed to the public yet, but it mostly works :)'"

"Apple carved out some trouble for itself last week when its new Maps app launched as part of iOS 6," notes CNET News' Lance Whitney. "Users soon discovered a rash of problems with the app, including missing or lost cities, duplicated islands, mislabeled locations, and fuzzy images. The company specifically kicked out Google Maps from iOS to make way for its own Maps app."

"Petrich didn’t say when, if ever, the working version of Google Maps will be released for jailbroken iOS 6 devices through Cydia," writes TechnoBuffalo's Todd Haselton. "If you need a solution in the meantime, we suggest checking out Nokia or Google’s web applications, which are both free."

"Considering the iPhone 3GS in the video doesn't have a SIM card installed, its likely that GPS services are one of the features still being prepped by Petrich," writes International Digital Times' Scott Craft. "Regardless, to have the iOS 5 Google Maps app ported to iOS 6 in such a short period of time is an impressive feat, and one that will be welcome news to a great many early adopters of both the iPhone 5 and iOS 6."