Welcome to the New Security Daily Newsletter

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The new Internet.com Security Daily newsletter delivers a concise aggregation of everything that enterprise IT professionals--and the everyday computer users they manage--need to know about PC and network security. From breaking news to the latest trends and market research, along with in-depth product reviews paired with help and how-to’s, our newsletter enables IT decision-makers to leverage the deep archives and careful insights of the 15 million information technology professionals who make up our Internet.com community.

Replacing eSecurityPlanet’s current daily newsletter, the new format is designed to bring readers a single-page presentation of the critical security-related news and information that senior technology managers must have every day to maintain and protect their businesses.

When it arrives in your inbox each morning, the Security Daily newsletter will contain a combination of independent reporting and vendor-sponsored content, such as white papers, eBooks, and market research reports. Subscribers can expect to receive:

  • Breaking news about the latest threats and countermeasures
  • Insightful columns offering perspectives and advice about critical topics--from cybersecurity to compliance--by some of the industry's leading thinkers
  • In-depth reviews of software, hardware, and services
  • Help, how-tos, tutorials, and tips
  • Buying Guides that offer research and expert advice designed to help readers make sound buying decisions
  • eBooks covering emerging threats or trends, such as botnets or the all-wireless office.
  • Leading research from organizations, such as Gartner and IDC, which details cost-conscious and highly-effective security strategies
  • A list of the latest IT job openings from across the United States

Essentially, the Security Daily newsletter is a portal that allows IT decision-makers to listen to – and participate in – discussions within the large and ever-expanding Internet.com community. To spur this lively discussion, we offer forums, comments fields, and constantly updated daily coverage along with an extensive archive of articles featuring objectively written resources about the complete security landscape.

We hope the newsletter will serve you well. As we continue to offer new features and products, we value your feedback. Please visit our forums, use the Comments fields beneath every article at eSecurityPlanet.com, or write to me directly at ngraychase@internet.com.

Naomi Graychase is managing editor of Internet.com's eSecurityPlanet channel. Follow her on Twitter @eSecurityP.