Network Security 

How to Minimize Enterprise File Sharing Risks

File sharing and sync (FSS) services like Dropbox can expose sensitive corporate data. Luckily, there are enterprise-grade FSS alternatives.

Sony Settles Data Breach Lawsuit for $15 Million

The money will be paid to customers in the form of games and memberships.

Travel Agent Fined $255,000 for Data Breach

More than 1.1 million debit and credit card records were stolen from former Thomas Cook subsidiary Essential Travel.

New ThreatStream CEO Wants to Solve SIEM Challenge

ArcSight founder joins security vendor to fill gaps that SIEM doesn't solve.

European Central Bank Hacked

The hackers demanded a ransom after stealing 20,000 email addresses.

Six Charged in Connection with $1 Million StubHub Breach

Over 1,000 customer accounts were compromised and used to purchase more than 3,500 e-tickets, which were then resold.

New Phishing Campaign Targets LinkedIn Users

Recipients who click on links in the emails are redirected to a fake login page designed to steal email addresses and passwords.

Goodwill Industries Hit by Credit Card Breach

The breach may date back as far as the middle of 2013.

68 Percent of Employees Expose Critical Corporate Data by Mistake

That's happening even though 65 percent say it's their responsibility to protect that data.

IT Pros Report Surge in Concern About Ransomware

73 percent of respondents to a recent survey said they're very or extremely concerned about the impact of ransomware, up from 48 percent in January.

73 Percent of IT Staff Currently Have Unresolved Network Events

Forty-five percent of IT staff say they monitor network and application performance manually instead of using network monitoring tools.

LastPass Acknowledges Two Security Flaws

Researchers at UC Berkeley alerted the company to the flaws, and also found vulnerabilities in three competing solutions.

How to Reduce Use-After-Free Memory Risk

Use-after-free memory errors often crop up in software application code.

67 Percent of Critical Infrastructure Providers Were Breached Last Year

Still, only 28 percent say security is one of their organization's top five strategic priorities.

Laptop Thefts Expose Personal, Medical, Financial Data

A brokerage firm, a health district, a retirement community, a hospital and an oil change franchisee were all recently hit.

HotelHippo Shuts Down In Response to Vulnerability Disclosure

Site owner HotelStayUK says the security flaws were 'obviously completely unacceptable.'

Physical Location of Data Will Be Irrelevant By 2020

'The future will be hybrid,' says Gartner research vice president Carsten Casper.

Fighting Advanced Persistent Threats with Emulation

A layered approach to security is the key to fighting advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Tutanota Encrypted Email Service Launches

'Email encryption is the best tool to stop mass surveillance on the Internet,' says company co-founder Matthias Pfau.

Most IT Pros Don't Know Where All Corporate Data Resides

Just 16 percent of IT and IT security professionals know the location of all of their sensitive structured data.

Dragonfly Cyber Attacks Breach Western Energy Companies

Symantec researchers say the campaign 'bears the hallmarks of a state-sponsored operation.'

163,000 Affected by Butler University Data Breach

Names, birthdates, Social Security numbers and bank account information may have been accessed.

World Cup Security Team Accidentally Reveals Wi-Fi Password

A photo published in a Brazilian newspaper clearly showed the network's SSID and password.

Identity and Access Management's Role in Secure Cloud Collaboration

As enterprises demand more secure cloud-based externalization, companies like Exostar are answering the call with IAM solutions.

File Sharing Apps Pose a Significant Data Breach Threat

Forty-six percent of senior IT pros say data is leaking from their companies due to the use of file sharing services.