Network Security 

Massive Weebly Data Breach Exposes Over 43 Million Users' Info

The exposed data includes email addresses and/or user names, IP addresses and encrypted passwords.

Nuix Aims to Deliver Security Insight

Chris Pogue, CISO of Nuix, explains how by understanding hacker activities, risks can be minimized for enterprises. [VIDEO] 

Startup Spotlight: Sift Science's Fraud Prevention Platform

Startup Sift Science wants to take fraud prevention to the next level with its platform powered by machine learning.

Vera Bradley Acknowledges Point-of-Sale Breach

The retailer was notified by law enforcement of a 'potential data security issue' on September 15.

43 Percent of IT Pros Say It's Difficult to Secure Data in the Cloud

And 73 percent prefer to keep their sensitive corporate data on premises rather than in the cloud, a recent survey found.

2 Do's and 2 Don'ts of Incident Response and Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is growing in popularity as organizations get proactive about incident response. These practices help you get the most out of anomaly detection.

Top SIEM Vendors and Other Buying Advice

Security incident and event management (SIEM) products are no longer just for large enterprises. This article will help determine if SIEM is for you.

48 Percent of Companies Don't Inspect the Cloud for Malware

Among those that do check for it, fully 57 percent have found malware, a recent survey found.

Two Thirds of Cyber Security Pros Struggle to Define Their Career Paths

Still, 46 percent are solicited for jobs at other companies at least once a week, a recent survey found.

Point-of-Sale Security Still a Big Problem

Despite growing EMV adoption, hackers still see point-of-sale (POS) systems as low-hanging fruit.

49 Percent of Business Leaders Have Sent Sensitive Corporate Data from Personal Email Accounts

And 39 percent have lost business information in a public place, a recent survey found.

98 Percent of IT Pros Admit Challenges with Incident Response

And 71 percent said incident response has become more difficult over the past two years, a recent survey found.

Can Feds Compromise on Data Privacy?

As hawkish U.S. legislators seek to weaken encryption, a bill up for consideration welcomes private-sector interests to the table for a "dialogue." But is it a trap?

97 Percent of Consumers Say They're Unsettled by Data Breaches

And 29 percent said it would take them several months to begin trusting a company again following a data breach, a recent survey found.

Let's Encrypt Wants to Help Improve the CA Model

The executive director of the Internet Security Research Group discusses approaches that can be used to further improve the certificate authority system. [VIDEO]

One Third of Enterprises Suffered an Insider Breach in the Past 12 Months

Fully 74 percent of IT pros say their organization is vulnerable to insider threats, a recent survey found.

Guide to Getting the Right Single Sign-on Solution

Single sign-on solutions help users cope with password pressures by enabling a single authentication event to offer access to multiple applications.

76 Percent of Security Pros Say Sharing Threat Intelligence Is a Moral Responsibility

Fully 95 percent are using threat intelligence in some way, a recent survey found.

Selecting a Threat Risk Model for Your Organization, Part Two

In the second of a two-part series on threat risk models, we look at Trike, MIL-STD-882E and OCTAVE.

M&A Due Diligence, Cyber Security, and the Massive Yahoo Data Breach

Verizon, which announced plans to acquire Yahoo two months ago, says it only learned of the breach last week.

Chinese Researchers Find Major Security Flaws in Tesla Model S

The flaws enabled the researchers to fold in the rear view mirrors, pop the trunk, and activate the brakes remotely while the car was being driven.

Startup Spotlight: Cymmetria's Cyber Deception Technology

Cymmetria's cyber deception technology turns the tables on bad guys by luring them to decoys where users can track their lateral movements.

40 Percent of Organizations Store Admin Passwords in Word Documents

Still, 55 percent say they have evolved processes for managing privileged accounts, a recent survey found.

28 Percent of Organizations Don't Encrypt Data in Public Cloud Environments

And 47 percent said security concerns are their main reason for avoiding cloud deployments, a recent survey found.

Which Threat Risk Model Is Right for Your Organization?

Which threat risk model is right for you? We compare strengths and weaknesses of three popular ones: STRIDE, DREAD and CVSS.