Network Security 

Target Breach Has Cost the Company $162 Million So Far

HyTrust president Eric Chiu suggests the total cost could eventually exceed $1 billion.

Study Finds Disconnect Between IT, Leadership on Cyber Security

Two thirds of CIOs and CISOs say senior leaders in their organization don't view cyber security as a strategic priority.

6 Tips for Developing Secure IoT Apps

Most IoT systems contain security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, a recent study found, highlighting the importance of developing secure IoT apps.

Stolen Laptops, Hard Drives Expose Over 100,000 People's Personal Data

The data potentially exposed includes names, addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers.

3 Questions Every CISO Should Answer

FireEye's Kevin Mandia has a few key questions for CISOs.

Hackers Still in State Department Network Three Months After Breach

It's not yet clear how much data the attackers have taken.

Why All Linux (Security) Bugs Aren't Shallow

With Heartbleed and Shellshock, the open source community realized that Linus' law can be challenged.

Kaspersky Warns of 'Outstandingly Professional' Equation Group Cyber Attacks

The group's tools are capable of reprogramming hard drive firmware, allowing infections to survive disk formatting and OS reinstallation.

Centrify Offers Identity Management for Hadoop

Software allows users to leverage their existing Active Directory infrastructures to enhance Hadoop security.

1 Billion Data Records Compromised in 2014

That's a 78 percent increase from the previous year, according to Gemalto.

Risk Assessments: What You Need to Know

Why are information security risk assessments so important, and how can you make sure you get an effective assessment?

Carbanak Hackers Steal $1 Billion from 100 Banks Worldwide

Banks were infected for between two and four months, with $2.5 million to $10 million stolen in case.

Google Blinks on Project Zero Security Disclosure

Common sense prevails as Google relaxes its 90-day disclosure policy for zero-day security vulnerabilities.

Forbes Hacked

According to iSIGHT Partners, the hackers were part of a Chinese group called the Codoso Team or the Sunshop Group.

Report: PlugX Is RAT of Choice for Nation States

Crowdstrike's Global Threat Intel report details tactics used in nation-state attacks.

5 Lessons Learned from Anthem Data Breach

Anthem's recent data breach reveals some things Anthem did right – and some it did wrong. Other enterprises can learn from its actions.

Samsung Smart TVs Can Send Personal Information to Third Party

Voice commands are forwarded to third-party service provider Nuance Communications.

Report Warns of Cyber Security Vulnerabilities in Cars, Trucks

The report, from U.S. Senator Edward Markey, is based on 16 automakers' responses to questions regarding tracking systems and security.

Which Cybersecurity Skills Are Hot?

Big data breaches are inspiring employers to pay more for cybersecurity certifications, some experts say.

Marriott Hotels Hit by Credit Card Breach

All the affected locations are run by franchise operator White Lodging Services.

Email Is Not Forever: Advice on Archiving

In the wake of the Sony scandal, companies may wonder how long to retain email. Hint: The answer is not "forever."

Anthem Healthcare Breach Could Be Largest Ever

As many as 80 million names, birthdates, Social Security numbers, street addresses and email addresses may have been accessed.

Insider Breach Exposes 14,000 UMass Memorial Patients' Data

Patient names, addresses, birthdates, medical record numbers and Social Security numbers may have been accessed.

Enterprise Wearables: Mitigate Security Risks

Enterprises are finding business use cases for wearable technology, which means security teams must protect data on wearables and educate users about risks and best practices.

Stolen Computers, Mobile Phones Expose Thousands of Patients' Medical Data

Victims range from home healthcare patients to pediatric eyewear customers.