Network Security 

New IoT Threat Exploits Lack of Encryption in Wireless Keyboards

The researchers who discovered MouseJack reveal a new vulnerability that allows attackers to remotely "sniff" keystrokes of some wireless keyboards.

Clash of Kings Data Breach Exposes 1.6 Million Accounts

The exposed data includes user names, email addresses, IP addresses, device identifiers, Facebook data, and hashed and salted passwords.

20 Percent of Organizations Fail to Change Default Passwords on Privileged Accounts

And 50 percent don't audit privileged account activity, a recent survey found.

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Publishes New Guidance on Ransomware

'Organizations need to take steps to safeguard their data from ransomware attacks,' says Office for Civil Rights director Jocelyn Samuels.

External Cyber Attacks Cost the Average Enterprise $3.5 Million a Year

Still, 79 percent of companies lack comprehensive strategies to detect and mitigate such attacks, a recent survey found.

Patch Management Software Buyer's Guide

Patch management software automates patch management, one of the most important security tasks in any organization.

58 Percent of Businesses in the U.K. Were Breached in the Past Two Years

And just 25 percent are completely confident in their ability to handle security incidents, a recent survey found.

Why Web Gateways Are Not Enough

Why can't web gateways fully protect you from attack and how can you maximize their performance?

3 Best Practices for Protecting Data Better than Hillary Did

Hillary Clinton's email scandal offers a reminder of the importance of data protection best practices, like the three we cover here.

War Gaming's Role in Application Security

War Gaming  teams up developers, operations and security personnel to launch attacks upon their own applications, systems and networks.

Omni Hotels, Noodles & Company, NC State Acknowledge Data Breaches

The three recent breaches exposed thousands of customers' personal and payment card information.

1,025 Wendy's Locations Impacted by Credit Card Breach

The attacks appear to have been enabled by the theft of third-party service providers' remote access credentials.

50 Percent of SMBs Were Breached in the Past Year

And just 14 percent of SMBs see their ability to mitigate cyber attacks as highly effective, a recent survey found.

HackerOne Continues to Grow Bug Bounty Business [VIDEO]

Alex Rice, co-founder and CTO of HackerOne, discusses how his firm is growing the bug bounty model.

Less Than a Third of Companies Have Cyber Security Experts in Their IT Departments

And 67 percent of IT professionals have no cyber security certifications, a recent survey found.

Massachusetts General Hospital Suffers Third-Party Data Breach

Approximately 4,300 patients' names, birthdates and Social Security numbers were exposed.

Massive IoT DDoS Attack Leverages 25,513 CCTV Cameras

The cameras, located in 105 countries, delivered as many as 50,000 HTTP requests per second.

Massive Ransomware Attack Hits Millions of Microsoft Office 365 Users

Approximately 57 percent of all organizations using Office 365 were hit by the attack.

Cisco Gets into CASB Tech with $293M Purchase of CloudLock

Cisco broadens its cloud security business with $293 million acquisition of CloudLock, a provider of cloud access security broker (CASB) technology.

Ransomware Is on a Roll – So How Can You Stop It

Ransomware is a favored tool for hackers. Three tips can help you proactively remove ransomware attack vectors.

Carbonite, GoToMyPC Hit by Password Reuse Attacks

Both attacks leveraged email addresses and password stolen from other sites.

What Is SQL Injection and How Can It Hurt You?

Using SQL injection hackers can wreak havoc on databases and data-driven applications. Fortunately there are ways to reduce SQL injection risk.

Wendy's Hit By Class Action Lawsuit Over Massive Credit Card Breach

The suit was filed by Veridian Credit Union on behalf of all U.S. financial institutions whose customers were affected by the data breach.

Startup Spotlight: Demisto's Security Chat-ops Platform

Four McAfee veterans create a security operations platform that combines automation, collaboration and a clever bot.

Acer Hacked

Names, addresses, credit card numbers, expiration dates and CVV codes were accessed.