Network Security 

Windows 10: Securing Identity, Information and Devices

Windows 10 includes some goodies for enterprise security professionals.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Hit by Cyber Attack

The bank says its domain name servers were hijacked last month.

Insider Data Breach at Medical Billing Company Hits Patients at Several Hospitals

A call center employee at billing company Medical Management, LLC stole thousands of patients' names, birthdates and Social Security numbers.

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Data Breach Impacts 1.1 Million People

Names, user names, birthdates, e-mail addresses and subscribed identification numbers were exposed.

Static Analysis Can 'Score' Software Security

Static analysis can be even more effective in improving software security if it is used to create quality metrics.

Telstra Acknowledges Massive Pacnet Data Breach

Company chief security officer Mike Burgess says the hackers 'had complete access to the corporate network.'

Penn State University Hacked

The College of Engineering's computer network was disconnected from the Internet in response to the breach.

Why Isn't User Training a Security Priority?

Only about half of companies offer any kind of security training, a CompTIA survey found.

Sally Beauty Confirms Second Data Breach In As Many Years

The company says it won't 'speculate on the scope of the intrusion,' since the investigation is ongoing.

CrowdStrike Warns of VENOM Vulnerability

The flaw could allow an attacker to escape a VM environment and access the host system.

Integrating Bulletproof Security into App Development

Application security should never be an afterthought. SoftServe's Nazar Tymoshyk offers advice on building secure software.

Former Nuclear Regulatory Commission Employee Charged with Attacking DoE Computers

Charles Eccleston allegedly designed and sent spear phishing emails targeting more than 80 computers at the U.S. Department of Energy.

91 Percent of Healthcare Organizations Suffered Data Breaches in the Past Two Years

Forty percent have experienced more than five data breaches, according to the Ponemon Institute.

Firekeepers Casino Hotel Acknowledges Possible PoS Breach

It's not yet clear how many customers may have been affected.

TapLink Rethinks Password Security with Blind Hashing

Passwords are often a weak security link but they don't have to be, says security startup TapLink.

UC Berkeley, Auburn U, Metro State Acknowledge Data Breaches

The breaches exposed more than 530,000 people's personal information.

Making Credit Cards Unhackable

Credit card credentials are easy to obtain and difficult to secure. An unhackable credit card could be on the horizon, thanks to technology based on quantum computing.

82 Percent of IT Pros Want to Quit Due to Stress

27 percent say they're experiencing stress-related illness due to work demands, according to GFI Software.

Hard Rock, Sally Beauty Acknowledge Data Breaches

In both cases, customer payment card information appears to have been accessed.

IT Security Hangout: Cyber Attack Trends and Security Strategies

Join panelists from QuinStreet Enterprise sites, including eSecurity Planet, eWEEK, IT Business Edge and Datamation, as they discuss cyber attack trends and security strategies.

Phone Scams Getting More Sophisticated

Even folks who know better can fall for sophisticated phone scams that leverage personal information. Leveraged to Launch Phishing Attacks

The website's own functionality was used to deliver malware to job posters.

76 Percent of Organizations Breached in 2014

QuinStreet Enterprise research outlines the scope of security challenges facing enterprises today.

Hackers Steal $5 Million from Ryanair

The airline says the funds have now been frozen, and it expects them to be repaid.

Three Quarters of U.S. Execs Say a Cyber Attack Could Seriously Disrupt Business

And 59 percent said a breach of one company's network can lead directly to attacks on different networks in connected sectors of the economy.