Network Security 

Over 41 Percent of Healthcare Organizations Still Aren't Encrypting Endpoints

That's true despite the fact that a third of healthcare employees work outside the office or clinic at least once a week, according to Forrester.

Insider Credit Card Breach Leads to $400,000 Saks Shopping Spree

Six former Saks Fifth Avenue employees have been charged with grand larceny and identity theft.

Hacker Publishes 5 Million Gmail Addresses, Passwords

Google says the leaked credentials were not the result of a breach of its systems, and less than two percent of them would have worked for Gmail.

Phishing Attacks Target iCloud Users Following Celebrity Photo Breach

A recent McAfee study found that 80 percent of business users fell for at least one in seven phishing emails.

How to Build Security into Your Software Development Lifecycle

Employing the right methodology and tools are two keys to effective application security testing.

Dyreza Malware Now Targeting Users

The company says it was recently alerted to the threat by one of its security partners.

Goodwill Data Breach Linked to Third-Party Vendor

Almost 900,000 payment cards appear to have been affected.

IBM Brings Bare Metal Intel TXT Security to Cloud

The cloud isn't just about virtual servers. The physical layer and its security still matter, which is why IBM is using Intel's Trusted Execution Technology.

Unencrypted Laptop Thefts Expose Personal, Medical, Financial Data

'The benefits of encryption have been known for some time, but companies just aren't doing it,' says SafeNet chief strategy officer Tsion Gonen.

Home Depot Credit Card Breach May Affect All U.S. Locations

The breach may have lasted for several months, making it potentially far more damaging than last year's three-week-long Target breach.

Internet of Things a Potential Security Disaster

Experts believe the Internet of Things will be highly insecure, at least in the early days.

Apple Admits Celebrity Accounts Were Hacked, But Denies iCloud Breach

The company says the breaches were the result of 'a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions.'

Mozilla Exposes 97,000 Bugzilla User Passwords

The users' email addresses and encrypted passwords were posted on a publicly accessible server for approximately three months.

Free Tool Fights Advanced Evasion Techniques

AETs are designed to evade next generation firewalls. A free tool can help security admins identify potential weaknesses in firewalls.

Most Enterprises Can't Detect or Deter Insider Threats

In a recent survey, 61 percent of IT professionals said they can't deter or respond to insider attacks.

Dairy Queen Acknowledges Possible Credit Card Breach

The company hasn't yet determined how many locations may be affected.

Russian Hackers Breach JPMorgan Chase, Four Other U.S. Banks

The hackers stole gigabytes of sensitive data, though it's not clear whether the attacks were aimed at financial gain or cyber espionage.

6 Criteria for Evaluating Secure File Transfer Apps

Secure file transfer applications are becoming the preferred mode for securely exchanging data. What should you consider when buying SFT apps?

Over 1,000 U.S. Businesses Infected with Backoff PoS Malware

A DHS advisory urges companies to work with IT, anti-virus vendors, managed service providers and PoS system vendors to check for vulnerabilities.

Three Quarters of South Korean Population Affected by Massive Data Breach

27 million names, resident registration numbers, account names and passwords were allegedly accessed by a Chinese hacker.

Sony Networks Taken Down by DDoS Attack

'We have seen no evidence ... of any unauthorized access to users' personal information,' the company stated.

Using PowerShell and JEA to Secure Windows Server Systems

Microsoft Windows PowerShell and JEA simplify the process of moving from global administrator accounts to limited local accounts, a best practice in securing Windows Server-based systems.

Community Health Systems Breach Linked to Heartbleed Bug

Recent research by Venafi found that 97 percent of Global 2000 organizations' public servers remain vulnerable to Heartbleed.

U.S. Colleges and Universities Are Failing at Cyber Security

According to a recent BitSight report, the higher education sector is less secure than retail or healthcare.

UPS Store Acknowledges Credit Card Breach

Customer names, mailing addresses, email addresses and payment card information may have been accessed at 51 stores in 24 states.