Network Security 

LinkedIn Breach Exposed 117 Million User Accounts

The stolen database holds 167 million records, of which 117 million include email addresses and passwords.

Where Should Security Keys be Kept in the Cloud?

VIDEO: Andy Ellis, chief security officer at Akamai, discusses his views on cloud security key management and provides a preview of an upcoming Internet security report.

52 Percent of Consumers Would Pay More for Products or Services with Better Data Security

And 72 percent now share less personal information with companies than they used to, a recent survey found.

Ransomware and the Internet of Things: A Growing Threat

IoT's integration into the world of business, along with the evolution of ransomware, creates the perfect storm for a cybersecurity arms race.

7 Full Disk Encryption Solutions to Check out

Full disk encryption software offers valuable protection for data on laptops. These seven FDE solutions are worthy of consideration.

SWIFT Acknowledges Major Malware Attack on Second Bank

The attack is 'part of a wider and highly adaptive campaign targeting banks,' according to SWIFT.

89 Percent of Healthcare Organizations Were Breached in the Past Two Years

And 45 percent were breached five or more times in the same period of time, a recent survey found.

Kroger, Wendy's, Kiddicare Suffer Data Breaches

The exposed data ranges from employee tax information to customer credit card data.

IoT Security Begins with Risk Assessment

Weigh benefits of IoT devices against potential security risks to determine on a device-by-device basis if the technology should be used, experts advise.

3 Things the Kentucky Derby Teaches Us about Security Analytics

What can handicapping and betting on horse racing teach infosec pros about security analytics?

50 Percent of North American Companies Believe They're More Secure Than a Year Ago

Just 12 percent think they're less secure, a recent survey found.

National Security Letters and Gag Orders: 5 Tips to Reduce Risk

To reduce your government surveillance 'attack surface' and protect customers' data privacy from U.S. government agencies, follow these five tips.

How to Conduct Internal Penetration Testing

Automated penetration testing tools and open source tools, especially those in Linux security distributions, are invaluable aids for internal pentests.

31 Percent of Developers See Software as Greatest Threat to IoT Security

And 90 percent of IT professionals believe the influx of IoT devices creates security and privacy issues in the workplace, recent surveys have found.

5 Steps to a Better Incident Response Plan

Incident response plans have never been more important, given the growth in cyber attacks. These steps will ensure yours is ready for action.

22 Percent of Data Breaches Are Caused by Compromised Credentials

And 65 percent of companies expect to suffer a breach due to compromised credentials int the future, a recent survey found.

How to Find the Right Penetration Testing Company

A penetration test is only as good as the company conducting it. Here is everything you need to know to find the right penetration testing company.

Healthcare Data Breaches Expose 23,000 Patients' Personal Information

The data exposed includes names, addresses, birthdates, insurance information and Social Security numbers.

Lack of Monitoring Weakens Database Security

Nearly 40 percent of companies cannot monitor databases in real time, a survey finds. This poses a threat to database security, says the survey's sponsor.

58 Percent of Employees Haven't Been Taught How to Use Cloud Apps Safely

And 39 percent haven't been informed of the risks of downloading cloud apps without IT's knowledge, a recent survey found.

Startup Spotlight: TrustPipe's Endpoint Security Modeled on DNA Markers

Startup founded by nCircle veterans uses approach modeled on DNA markers to identify and shut down cyber attacks.

City of Baltimore Investigates Possible Data Breach

Dozens of city employees' personal information was used to file fraudulent tax returns.

How Is EMV Transition Going?

U.S. retailers are in no hurry to transition to EMV, surveys find. What is holding them back?

FDIC Suffers Insider Breach

A former employee mistakenly downloaded 44,000 customers' personal information.

How to Get Identity Authentication Right

Identity authentication is especially important for high-value transactions, so it is important to get it right.