Network Security 

Pentagon Unveils New Cyber Strategy

'The cyber threat is one we all face as institutions and individuals," Defense Secretary Ash Carter said.

IoT 'Security Hopscotch' Is No Game: Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts, in hot water after tweeting about a hack into a plane's WiFi system, describes another theoretical attack, this one against an Internet-connected appliance.

Virginia Voting Machines Easily Hacked

The machines had been in use in more than 560 precincts since 2002.

What Bruce Schneier Learned from the Sony Breach

Bruce Schneier provides guidance for organizations in the post-Sony breach world.

Researcher Uncovers Security Flaw

A server configuration error appears to be redirecting all HTTPS traffic to HTTP.

Cryptographer Panel Slams Government Key Escrow Idea

Experts on a cryptography panel at the RSA conference reject the idea of the U.S. government holding encryption keys.

HSBC Acknowledges Data Breach

Mortgage customers' names, Social Security numbers and account numbers were exposed.

Little Change in Security Workforce Challenges, Study Finds

Another big IT security firm finds a shortage of skilled infosec pros, again.

GAO: In-Flight Wi-Fi Could Be Used to Hack Airplanes

'Internet connectivity in the cabin should be considered a direct link between the aircraft and the outside world,' a GAO report states.

Los Angeles Streetlights to Be Controlled via Cellular Network

City workers will be able to turn lights on and off remotely, and will be able to dim them or brighten them as needed.

74 Percent of IT Security Pros Worry About Insider Threats

Still, 32 percent told the SANS Institute they have no ability to prevent an insider breach.

Tailoring Security Info for the C-Suite

SurfWatch Labs' SaaS platform makes security information intelligible to business execs.

Four Episodes of 'Game of Thrones' Leaked Online

The episodes were downloaded over a million times in less than a day.

AT&T Hit With Record-Breaking $25 Million Data Breach Fine

The company will also provide almost 280,000 customers with free credit monitoring services, and will improve its privacy and security practices.

Russia Blamed for White House Data Breach

The attack appears to have been launched in retaliation for sanctions, according to CNN.

Data Security Best Practices Not Good Enough

Following data security best practice may give you a false sense of security and leave you vulnerable to potential attacks, says Absolute Software's Ryan St. Hilaire.

Police Department Pays Cybercriminals Following Ransomware Infection

A recent survey found that 55 percent of organizations that have been hit by such attacks recommend negotiating with cybecriminals to restore data.

IBM Warns of New 'Dyre Wolf' Malware Campaign

The campaign targets organizations with a combination of social engineering and DDoS attacks.

Researchers Warn of Volatile Cedar APT Campaign

The target distribution 'strongly aligns with nation-state/political-group interests,' according to Check Point researchers.

Florida Department of Elections Acknowledges Data Breach

15 CDs containing high-risk professionals' personal information were mistakenly sent to people requesting voter registration records.

Do Threat Exchanges Work?

Sharing intelligence on security threats is an old idea getting new cred, thanks to Facebook's new Threat Exchange. But how well do such exchanges work?

Google Strikes Back Against Chinese Certificate Authority

Both Google and Mozilla are taking aggressive measures against Chinese certificate authority CNNIC.

New Trojan Targets Petroleum, Gas, Helium Companies

The attack exploits an old ActiveX vulnerability, according to Symantec researchers.

Phishing Attacks: Not Sophisticated, but Successful

While companies spend big bucks on combating advanced malware, users still fall prey to email phishing scams.

Hackers Breach British Airways Frequent Flyer Accounts

The airline says tens of thousands of accounts were accessed.