Hackers Activate 156 Emergency Sirens Across Dallas

'We had people asking if we were being attacked,' a city spokeswoman said.

Ransomware Attack on Pediatric Practice Exposes 55,447 Patients' Information

While the company was able to avoid falling victim to the ransomware, the attackers may have been able to access patient data.

Cyber Insurance: Insuring Your Data When Protecting It Fails

Cyber insurance could be the difference between staying in business or shutting down for good because of a data breach.

1.4 Billion Data Records Exposed in 2016

That's an increase of 86 percent over the previous year, according to Gemalto.

Massive Data Breach Exposes 4.8 Million Job Seekers' Personal Info

Names, Social Security numbers and birthdates were accessed.

Apple Attributes Alleged iCloud Hack to Password Reuse

The allegedly compromised account information may have come from the LinkedIn breach.

Beware of Sleeper Fraud Accounts

Datavisor Online Fraud report finds that a non-trivial percentage of fraud activity occurs from accounts that are inactive for a week before an attack.

Russian FSB Officers Charged with Involvement in Yahoo Breach

'The indictment unequivocally shows the attacks on Yahoo were state-sponsored,' Yahoo's assistant general counsel said.

TopSpin Makes Intelligent Deception a Hacker's Worst Nightmare

Setting a trap using deceptive techniques may just snare many a hacker.

Russian Hackers Hit U.S. Progressive Organizations

The organizations have been targeted with ransom demands ranging from $30,000 to $150,000.

How Much Is a Google Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Worth?

Google is increasing the amount it pays for RCE vulnerabilities by 57 percent, and payouts for other security flaws are rising as well.

Fully 84 Percent of Hackers Leverage Social Engineering in Cyber Attacks

And 50 percent change their attack methodologies with every target, a recent survey found.

950,000 Coachella User Accounts Being Sold Online

Email addresses, user names and hashed passwords are being offered for sale for $300.

Verizon Presents Technical Breach Information in a New Way with Breach Digest

VIDEO: Bryan Sartin, Managing Director of the Verizon RISK Team detailS some of the highlights of the report and the broader VERIS methodology for detailing data breaches.

RSA Conference: Lessons from a Billion Breached Data Records

Legendary breach reporter Troy Hunt details some of things he has learned  from working with more than a billion publicly dumped records.

RSA Conference Wi-Fi Users Under Attack

VIDEO: Pwnie Express finds multiple rogue access points on the show floor that are actively attempting to trick users with an EvilAP attack

RSA Conference Cryptographers Panel: We're Doing Everything Wrong

RSA Conference cryptographers panel laments current internet security, as both the internet and many of the security measures to secure it are broken.

HackerOne Raises $40M to Grow Bug Bounty Business

Total funding to date stands at $74M as demand for third party vulnerabilities services continues to expand.

Hackers Disable Door Locks at Four-Star Hotel, Demand Ransom

The hackers demanded 2 Bitcoins in payment to return control of the systems back to the hotel -- and the hotel says it had no choice but to pay.

Hacker Compromises 2.5 Million Xbox 360, PSP ISO Forum Accounts

Email addresses, passwords and IP addresses were exposed.

Ukraine Blackout Was Caused by ‘Premeditated and Multi-Level' Cyber Attack

The country's national power company hasn't said whether it was able to link the attack to any specific group or nation state.

ESEA Hacker Demands $100,000, Exposes 1.5 Million User Records

The hacker provided the records to LeakedSource after ESEA refused to pay the ransom.

Topps Data Breach Exposes Months of Credit Card Data

Customers who shopped at the company's website between July 30 and October 12 of 2016 may be affected.

Chinese Hackers Charged with Breaching U.S. Law Firms, Trading on Stolen Information

The hackers are alleged to have made over $4 million in illegal profits from the trades.

Researchers Find Russian Hacker Selling Access to U.S. Election Assistance Commission

The hacker claimed to be accessing the system via an unpatched SQL injection vulnerability.