IoT Security Begins with Risk Assessment

Weigh benefits of IoT devices against potential security risks to determine on a device-by-device basis if the technology should be used, experts advise.

Anonymous DDoS Attacks Hit Central Banks of Cyprus, Greece, Netherlands

'[O]ur target is the Global Banking Cartel,' the hackers stated.

Hackers Breach Goldcorp, Lifeboat, Qatar National Bank

A wide range of data, from login credentials to employee payroll information, was exposed.

Pwnie Express CEO Riding Ahead Into the Enterprise [VIDEO]

Paul Paget, CEO of Pwnie Express, discusses how his company is evolving to meet the next generation of threats and what is driving the business forward.

Breaches in Turkey, Philippines Expose 100 Million Citizens' Personal Data

A wide variety of personally identifiable information was accessed in both cases.

Leading New York Law Firms Hacked

A recent American Bar Association survey found that one in four law firms with at least 100 attorneys have experienced a breach.

Hackers Breach Water Treatment Plant, Alter Chemicals in Water Supply

The hackers 'modified application settings with little apparent knowledge of how the flow control system worked,' according to a Verizon report.

Hackers Hit Bailey's, 1-800-Flowers, Rosen Hotels and Resorts

Names, payment card numbers, expiration dates, CVV codes, mailing addresses, email addresses and more may have been accessed.

Malvertising Gets Nastier with Fingerprint Technique

Malvertising attacks get more targeted, tougher to detect with fingerprinting.

Hackers Steal $81 Million from Federal Reserve

An additional request for $20 million was halted because the hackers misspelled the word 'foundation.'

21st Century Oncology Notifies 2.2 Million Patients of Data Breach

Names, Social Security numbers, physicians' names, diagnoses, and treatment and insurance information may have been copied and transferred.

Data Breaches at Cox, Mansueto Expose Employees' Personal Info

Thousands of employees' personal information was accessed, according to news reports.

How Mature is Your Vulnerability Coordination?

VIDEO: Katie Moussouris, chief policy officer at HackerOne, discusses the Vulnerability Coordination Maturity Model.

RSA: Dell SecureWorks DCEPT Delivers Honey Tokens to Hackers

Dell launches new open source tool that uses Docker containers to help organizations identity credential thefts from memory. [VIDEO]

RSA: Verizon Discusses Roman Holiday in Data Breach Digest

 VIDEO: Bryan Sartin, managing director, the RISK Team, Verizon, discusses the new Verizon Breach Digest.

How to Hire Security Pros Like a Hacker: RSA

Digital Shadows takes a look at how hackers recruit and finds some lessons learned for enterprises.

Attackers Favor Old Exploits, Mobile Apps

HPE's latest Cyber Risk Report finds a shift toward attackers targeting applications, especially mobile ones.

Neiman Marcus, UCF Acknowledge Data Breaches

Over 68,000 people are affected.

How to Set up a Successful Bug Bounty Program [VIDEO]

What does it take to run a successful bug bounty program?

Anti-ISIL Hackers Claim Responsibility for Massive Cyber Attack on BBC

The group, New World Hacking, claims the DDoS attack exceeded 600 Gbps.

Iranian Hackers Breached New York Dam Two Years Ago

The hackers probed the system but didn't take control of it, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Alleged VTech Hacker Arrested

It's not yet clear whether the person arrested was the same one who notified Motherboard about the breach.

Hackers Hit Tunecore, JD Wetherspoon, Elephant Bar

The data potentially exposed includes full contact information, passwords, birthdates, and credit card data.


Some employees' names and Social Security numbers were accessed, though it's not yet clear what other data, if any, may have been exposed.

FireEye CEO Sees New Phase of Cyber Threat Cycle

Detente in China's relationship with U.S. could slow security spending, but the long-term trend is still strong.