European Central Bank Hacked

The hackers demanded a ransom after stealing 20,000 email addresses.

Boleto Malware Hits Brazil Payment System

New IBM Trusteer research finds new variants of malware used to exploit Brazil's Boleto payment system.

163,000 Affected by Butler University Data Breach

Names, birthdates, Social Security numbers and bank account information may have been accessed.

Yo Hacked, Hires Hacker

While the attack exposed some flaws in the app, Yo has exploded in popularity since the breach.

Code Spaces Destroyed by Cyber Attack

A hacker deleted most of the company's data, backups, machine configurations and offsite backups.

Hackers Using DDoS to Distract Infosec Staff

Hackers are increasingly using DDoS attacks as a kind of 'smokescreen' that helps them carry out data breaches.

Hackers Breach Domino's Pizza, Demand Ransom

The hackers claim to have stolen more than half a million customers' names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and passwords.

U.S. Forces Korea Hacked

More than 16,000 employees' and job applicants' names, identification numbers, contact details, education and work experience may have been accessed.

U.K. Considers Life Sentences for Hackers

The sentence could be applied to hackers who cause loss of life, serious illness or injury, or serious damage to national security.

Hacker Guccifer Jailed

Marcel Lazar Lehel was sentenced by a Romanian court to four years in prison.

Hacker Fined $8,000 for Government Cyber Attack

Delson Moo Hiang Kng placed an offensive image on the website of the president of Singapore's official residence.

Paris Hilton Hacker Heads Back to Jail

If Cameron Lacroix's plea agreement is accepted by the court, he'll be sentenced to four years in prison.

Data Breach Roundup: May 2014

Third-party vendors played a significant part in a handful of data breaches in May. This is why, experts say, companies must ensure vendors are careful with their data.

HR a Hot Target for Cybercriminals

Hackers see HR as an easy – and valuable – target. Educating HR staff is a key defense.

Spotify Hacked

While only one user's data was accessed, all Android users are being advised to upgrade their apps as a precaution.

Hacker Sabu Freed

Hector Xavier Monsegur was sentenced to time served due to his 'extraordinary cooperation' with the FBI.

Monsanto Subsidiary Hacked

An undisclosed number of Precision Planting customers' and employees' personal information may have been accessed.

ICS-CERT: U.S. Public Utility Hacked

The utility's control system was compromised by a brute force attack.

Two Alleged Anonymous Hackers Arrested in Australia

The pair's alleged victims include Melbourne IT, NetSpeed, the ACT Long Service Leave Board and the Indonesian government.

Pakistani Police Website Hacked

The hackers defaced the site with the statement, 'This site was hacked a victory for the Taliban.'

U.S. Charges Five Chinese Military Officers with Cyber Espionage

The five have been charged with computer hacking, economic espionage and other offenses.

Five Arrested for Cyber Attack on Chinese Gaming Company

The attack allegedly cost the victim approximately $1.6 million in lost revenue.

Retailers Partner on Cybersecurity Initiative

Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center initiative will make it easy for retailers to share cybersecurity intelligence with each other and with government agencies.

Saudi Government Seeks Hackers

The hackers will be employed by the country's National Information Center to find vulnerabilities in Saudi Arabia's networks.

Canadian Teen Arrested for Swatting Attacks

The unidentified teenager is suspected of involvement in 30 such attacks, according to the Ottawa Police Service.