Verisign DDoS Protection Services: Overview and Analysis

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Company Description

Verisign started out in 1995 as a certificate authority, but it sold its certificate business to Symantec in 2010. In 2000, it purchased Network Solutions and began operating a domain registry. Today, it continues to provide domain services but has augmented its business by offering security services such as DNS firewall, managed DNS, recursive DNS and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection.

Product Description

Verisign offers monitoring and on-demand mitigation capabilities. When the company’s monitors detect a DDoS attack, support personnel notify the customer about the attack and recommend a mitigation strategy. If a third-party monitoring service is being used or if a company monitors its own network, the customer can notify Verisign when to begin mitigation. Verisign also offers the OpenHybrid API, which allows organizations to use their existing security devices to send threat information to Verisign’s cloud-based solution.

Markets and Use Cases

Enterprises are the primary users.


Verisign has a network capacity of 1.7 Tbps.




No agents used


Not disclosed

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Drew Robb
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