Symantec Encryption: Product Overview and Analysis

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Company Description

Founded in 1982, Symantec has more than 11,000 employees in more than 35 countries. Its encryption business began in 2010 with the acquisitions of GuardianEdge and PGP Corp.

Product Description

Symantec’s integrated encryption product line includes endpoint, email and file encryption. Endpoint encryption encompasses full disk encryption (including BitLocker and FileVault management), file share encryption (protects specific files and folders before sharing across devices, servers and in the cloud, with Symantec Data Loss Prevention policy enforcement integration), desktop email encryption (automatically encrypts, decrypts, digitally signs, and verifies messages according to individual or centrally managed policies), gateway email encryption, and mobile email encryption (send and receive encrypted messages easily from Apple iOS? and Android).

“Key encryption features include scalability, automation (administrators can sync user and group profiles with Active Directory to automate key management and policy controls across the organization), reporting, integration with Symantec DLP scan data, flagging sensitive content and monitoring user activity on and off the network,” said Kathryn Kriese, Principal Product Manager, Symantec.


Agents (known as clients) are pushed by the management server or a software deployment.

Markets and Use Cases

Symantec Encryption’s strongest markets include government agencies, financial services and healthcare.

Applicable Metrics

Some customers are using this software on up to 500,000 endpoints in their environment.

Security Qualifications

Symantec Encryption products use FIPS 140 validated cryptography.


Symantec DLP provides advanced data detection, enabling discovery of complex sensitive information like Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Symantec DLP is a recommended integration with Symantec Information Centric Encryption. Together, they provide automatic and consistent protection for data wherever it goes.

Standalone or Suite

Symantec offers a series of encryption products which can be purchased as standalone tools or as one complete integrated encryption package.


The encryption product line is delivered as software, with the exception of Information Centric Encryption (ICE), which is a cloud service.


Pricing for most products in the Encryption product line are perpetual or subscription licenses. ICE is available only as a subscription license (that is, no perpetual license).

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