Red Hat Satellite: Patch Management Overview and Analysis

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Company Description

Founded in 1993, Red Hat is a provider of open source software using a community-powered approach to cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. It provides support, training, and consulting services.

Product Description

Red Hat Satellite is a Linux server management product that helps users control and optimize the lifecycle of Linux operating systems. It helps enterprises define software and configuration standards, provision servers, and maintain the lifecycle and configuration state.

Red Hat Insights is a configuration assessment service that analyzes system configuration state to identify performance, stability, or security risks. This enables users to take action through integration with Red Hat Satellite server.

“Red Hat Satellite integrates security and patch analysis into a full lifecycle management platform, providing visibility and control of the current infrastructure state, as well as the ability to define policies which ensure new infrastructure automatically conforms to their desired state,” said Andrew Hecox, Product Owner, Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Insights.

Markets and Use Cases

Enterprise computing, server provisioning, configuration, and patch management of Linux systems.


AI-based predictive analytics from Red Hat Insights.

Method of Delivery

On-premises software (Satellite), Software-as-a-Service (Insights).


Integrated into the operating system for RHEL; otherwise a check-in agent is deployed to the host.


$192/$199 per managed server for Satellite/Insights, respectively.

Drew Robb
Drew Robb
Drew Robb has been a full-time professional writer and editor for more than twenty years. He currently works freelance for a number of IT publications, including ServerWatch and CIO Insight. He is also the editor-in-chief of an international engineering magazine.

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