Trusteer Uncovers New Banking Malware

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Trusteer researchers recently found a new form of malware that exploits banking Web sites' live chat functionality.

"When people log in to their online banking site, this new malware, using a series of fake HTML and JavaScript injections, stalls their session and informs them 'security checks are being performed,'" writes SecurityNewsDaily's Matt Liebowitz.

"The site, using convoluted language, then tells victims: 'The system couldn't identify your PC. You will be contacted by a representative to confirm your personality. Please pass the process of additional verification otherwise your account will be locked. Sorry for any inconvenience, we are carrying about security of our clients,'" Liebowitz writes. "If the poor grammar doesn't raise a red flag, the malware attack then presents users with a live online chat session that allows the hackers to 'perform real time fraud by enticing the victim to sign/verify fraudulent transactions.'"

Go to "New Banking Malware Launches Fake Live Chat" to read the details.

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