Tibetan Cyber Attack Warning Used as Malware Lure

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AlienVault researcher Jaime Blasco warns that hackers are using a recent report about cyber attacks on Tibetan activists to distribute malware.

"Newly intercepted rogue emails that use spoofed headers to appear as originating from AlienVault warn recipients that Tibetan activist organizations have been targeted in recent cyberattacks," writes Computerworld's Lucian Constantin. "The emails contain a 'more information' link that leads visitors to a Web page displaying a copy of AlienVault's March 13 report."

However, hidden JavaScript code present on the page launches exploits a known Java vulnerability (CVE-2011-3544) in the background, Blasco said," Constantin writes. "Successful exploitation attempts result in computer backdoors being installed on both Windows and Mac OS X systems."

Go to "Report about hack threat to Tibetan activists used as lure in malware attack" to read the details.

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