Social Media Usage Increases Risk of Malware

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According to a recent Ponemon Institute survey, while most IT professionals see serious risks associated with enterprise social networking usage, few say they have adequation protection against those risks.

"In the survey, 63 percent of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that employees' use of social media in the workplace represented a serious security threat to their organizations," writes InformationWeek's Debra Donston-Miller. "Meanwhile, only 29 percent agreed or strongly agreed that their organizations have the necessary controls in place to mitigate or reduce the risk posed by social media use in the workplace."

"The biggest risks, said respondents, come from employees downloading apps that may be laden with malware," Donston-Miller writes. "This fear seems borne out by the fact that 52 percent of respondents said their organizations had experienced an increase in malware attacks as a result of employees' use of social media."

Go to "Social Insecurity: 64% of IT Pros Cite Serious Threat" to read the details.

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