Ransomware Victim Kills Self, Son

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Romania's Braila24 reports that Marcel Datcu, 36, killed himself and his four-year-old son after his computer was infected with ransomware (h/t The Register).

The ransomware apparently claimed that Datcu had violated the law and demanded a payment of more than 70,000 Romanian Leu (about $22,000). If the fine wasn't paid, the ransomware claimed, Datcu would be jailed for 11 years.

In a suicide note, Datcu wrote that he couldn't afford to pay the fine. "I apologize to all of you ... I don't want Nicusor to suffer because of me ... I can't stand going to prison," he wrote.

Anti-virus provider Bitdefender recently found that cybercriminals made almost $160,000 in a single year from a Romanian-based server via ransomware -- and while most of the ransom money was paid by victims in the U.S., Bitdefender said, a significant percentage also came from Romanians.

A recent survey found that fully 40 percent of victims of CryptoLocker ransomware wind up paying the demanded ransom.