Millionaire Poker Player Arrested for Distributing Android Malware

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Symantec's Joji Hamada reports that the Chiba Prefectural Police in Japan recently arrested nine people, including IT company president and poker player Masaaki Kagawa, for distributing spam that contained links to download the Enesoluty Android malware, which is designed to steal contact information from victims' devices (h/t The Register).

According to PokerPages.com, Kagawa has won a total of more than $1.6 million in poker tournaments. "His passion for taking chances and risks has paid off in the game of Poker, but it’s not looking good for his gambling with Android malware," Hamada writes. "Kagawa and his associates now await a likely prosecution."

Kagawa allegedly ran the Android malware operation, which used approximately 150 domains to host the malicious apps, and collected approximately 37 million e-mail addresses from more than 800,000 Android devices.

The company allegedly earned more than 390 million yen ($3.9 million) from a fake online dating service that used the e-mail addresses stolen via the Android malware to spam prospective sign-ups.

"The mobile malware was just a step towards his real scheme which was to send out spam about his dating site and get people to sign up over there and not really get any service," Symantec principal research manager Vikram Thakur told The Register. "By getting signups is where he made his money, but that's not to say that he didn't also sell the contact information on to spammers and like."