Fake Amazon TV Order Confirmations Deliver Malware


Bitdefender researchers recently came across a new spam campaign that poses as an order confirmation for a 55" television set from Amazon.com, but directs recipients to a malicious Web site.

The subject lines of the e-mails cover a wide range of television manufacturers, from "Amazon.com order of Akai NML55GUG030 55-Inch" to "Amazon.com order of Vizio G55UH4030 55-Inch."

The body of the e-mail is a convincing mockup of an actual Amazon.com order confirmation, but the links redirect users to Web sites hosting the Blackhole exploit kit.

"Given that Amazon talks about a customer base of 137 million and that TV sets are among the top electronic choices of people all over the world, scammers have a pretty good shot at finding innocent victims to infect with malware," writes Bitdefender's Loredana Botezatu.