Facebook Sues Adscend Over Malware, Spam

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Both Facebook and the State of Washington are suing Adscend Media LLC, claiming the company spread malware and stole personal data from Facebook users.

"The suits, filed in U.S. district courts in Santa Clara, Calif., and Seattle, respectively, contend that the defendants operated an advertising network that misled users into clicking on links that they thought would deliver certain types of content, such as videos or surveys, but instead installed malware on their systems and stole private information," writes SC Magazine's Stephen Lawton. "The suits also claim that Adscend was aware and encouraged its affiliates to engage in this activity."

"The complaint alleges violations of the CAN-SPAM Act and seeks court orders blocking Adscend from accessing Facebook and targeting users," Lawton writes. "Neither suit asks for specific damages, although both ask that damages for the CAN-SPAM Act be tripled."

Go to "Facebook sues Adscend Media for malware and spam" to read the details.

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