Estonian Man Admits Involvement in DNSChanger Malware

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Valeri Aleksejev, 32, of Estonia last week admitted his involvement in the DNSChanger malware scheme.

"In U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Friday, Aleksejev pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit computer intrusion," writes Reuters' Bernard Vaughan. "He faces up to 25 years in prison, deportation and the forfeiture of $7 million. The scam had several components, including a 'click-hijacking fraud' in which the malware re-routed searches by users on infected computers to sites designated by the defendants, prosecutors said in the indictment."

"The DNSChanger botnet was taken down in 2011 when the FBI and Estonian national police made arrests in that country, while data centers in New York and Chicago that served as the command-and-control infrastructure for the botnet where shut down," writes CRN's Robert Westervelt.

"In court, Aleksejev said he had helped write code that blocked infected machines from receiving anti-virus updates," writes The Register's John Leyden. "His lawyer claimed his client was broke. Aleksejev and five other Estonians were arrested by police in the Baltic republic in November 2011."