ESET Uncovers Litecoin-Stealing Malware

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ESET researchers recently came across a new Windows Trojan, MSIL/PSW.LiteCoin.A, which is designed to steal victims' money in the form of the Litecoin digital currency.

The researchers say the "extremely unsophisticated" Trojan simply tries to send the victim's wallet.dat file to the attacker's FTP server -- though the Web host has now posted a warning on the attacker's site stating, "User ... from BTC-E exchange uses this ftp address to steal wallets from cryptocoiners! BEWARE!!!!"

"According to our telemetry, Win32/PSW.LiteCoin.A is not very widespread at the moment, but Litecoin may become a target for attackers as its popularity and userbase increases," writes ESET malware researcher Robert Lipovsky. "This younger peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is based on Bitcoin and offers several improvements."