Duqu Trojan Leverages Unique Programming Language

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According to Kaspersky Lab, part of the Duqu Trojan was written using an unknown language.

"Kaspersky claims that unlike the rest of the Duqu Trojan, which is written in C++, part of the code in the payload dynamic linked library is made up of a yet unidentified programming language," writes The Inquirer's Lawrence Latif.

"While Kaspersky was unable to identify the programming language used, it shows that the programmers went to great lengths to create an object-oriented programming language and an associated compiler for the Duqu Trojan," Latif writes. "Given the apparent complexity of such a task, this gives further credence to claims that the Duqu Trojan, which has mainly affected Iranian systems, was designed and written by more than just some lone cheeky chap looking to cause random disruption."

Go to "Kaspersky claims Duqu Trojan uses its own programming language" to read the details.

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