City College of San Francisco Infested with Malware


A computer lab at the City of College of San Francisco was infected by several viruses for more than a decade.

"According to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle, the viruses were detected at Thanksgiving last year and possibly harvested personal banking information and other data relating to students, the faculty and administrators," writes SC Magazine's Dan Raywood.

"It claimed that the problem was contained in a single computer lab, which CTO David Hotchkiss immediately shut down and reported it to the board," Raywood writes. "Hotchkiss and his team discovered that since 1999, at least seven viruses would begin 'work' at around 10pm, trolling the college networks and transmitting data to sites in Russia, China and at least eight other countries, including Iran and the US itself."

Go to "San Francisco college was infested with viruses for more than ten years" to read the details.

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