Audio-Recording Android Malware Targets PCs

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Kaspersky Lab researchers recently came across two Android apps on Google Play, called SuperClean and DroidCleaner, which are actually designed to record audio from the user's PC.

"Successful transfer from the device to the PC is via autorun.inf," Infosecurity reports. "This is perhaps the least efficient part of the malware since the latest Windows operating systems have AutoRun disabled by default for external drives. However, Kaspersky suspects that there are enough older versions used by enough 'unsophisticated' users to make the malware worthwhile for the attacker."

"But for those who have turned AutoRun on or are still using older versions of Windows, this malware could actually turn your computer’s microphone into a recording device that transmits the recorded sounds back to the malicious party," writes Consumerist's Chris Moran.

"Why a cybercriminal would want to record a PC user's conversation isn't clear," writes CNET News' Lance Whitney. "But the fact that such a hack is possible is alarming."

And that's just the beginning of the malware's functionality. "[In] addition to infecting workstations, the malware gathers information about the Android device, opens arbitrary browser links, uploads and deletes SMS messages, and uploads contacts, photos and coordinates," writes FierceMobileContent's Jason Ankeny.

"This is the first time we have seen such an extensive feature set in one mobile application," Kaspersky Lab expert Victor Chebyshev notes.

"Both apps have been removed from the Google Play store but may, of course, appear in other less trustworthy app stores," The H Security reports. "That both apps appeared to have the signature functionality of malware but were not picked up by Google's own defences should though be a concern for Android users."